With Kabat Zinn Mindfulness in everyday life

Kabat Zinn with Mindfulness in everyday life

Jon Kabat-Zinn has several books to practice mindfulness or mindfulness, but today I want to highlight this splendid volume published by Paidós that undoubtedly will become your reference book for practicing mindfulness in everyday life.


Jon Kabat-Zinn “Mindfulness in everyday life. Wherever you go, there you are “Editorial Paidós


Talk of Jon Kabat Zinn ‘s talk about the heart of the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, as it is, we can say, the father of this powerful tool. As the sign that usually appears in the libraries of the Zen monasteries, “books are just the finger pointing at the moon, but not the moon.” I mean by this that to learn to live under the cloak of “mindfulness glasses”, you need not read many books, but how important is the practice of mindfulness as an engine of personal development. But it is true that sometimes we find books that unite the two routes, such as the theory and practice and this is the case of this book by Dr. Kabat Zinn.

Mindfulness in everyday life, starts with a gala caption that is done throughout all pages and that “Wherever you go, there you are.” Something that should not escape, because our problems throughout life, usually come when we do not pay attention to what we actually live is nothing but the present moment, the here and now.

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Written in a practical sense, the work is divided into three main sections: The splendor of this moment, the essence of the practice and spirit of mindfulness. Three large spaces where small chapters that make up a whole theoretical and practical what is Mindfulness or Mindfulness corpus are appearing.

Jon Kabat Zinn has been getting through all his works , the audience who comes forfirst time this new tool for personal development which can bring a more vivid, focused and full life, have a good understanding of what it is and means mindfulness, not taking the reader through complicated theoretical constructs and difficult paths to understand, but, as in the title of this book that I recommend, rather lightens the road without losing interest, offering simplicity as the basis of the practice.

It is difficult to enter the understanding of what is and means Mindfulness or Mindfulness. Of course, the important thing is to have the provision of continuous practice so that the benefits of mindfulness take effect.

My recommendation is that, in addition to careful reading of this book Kabat Zinn, tenggas experience practicing mindfulness with a group and personalized attention sense. There are many sites where you can. I humbly invite you to know my PROGRAM 40 online practices. The fact is that what is important is not only reading the book, but immersion in practice.

At the end of the day, as Kabat Zinn himself says “Practicing mindfulness means committing ourselves fully to be present at every moment. It is not a performance. The only time there is this “.

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