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What is vinyasa yoga?

What is vinyasa yoga? 5

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

When I lived in California, I confess that I was lost among the number of names of different styles of Yoga .

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What is vinyasa yoga? 6


When choosing a class, I could choose between Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Hatha, Anusara, hot Yoga , and an endless series of variants: Vinyasa Flow, Power Vinyasa, Hot Power Vinyasa, Bikram Yoga, Prana Yoga . Not to mention Aero Yoga , Acro Yoga or even Nude Yoga ????

Anti-gravity Yoga, woman doing yoga exercises in the park

In my opinion, Yoga there is only one , and it consists of the practice of training the mind to live in the here and now, through proper discipline of the body and through the control of the breath.

All styles essentially consist of this, although each one obtains it in a different way. The fact is that Vinyasa Yogahas become particularly fashionable in the West, perhaps because it is a more dynamic style . In this post I review its origins , basic concepts and benefits .

The vinyasa krama is an ancient method of physical and spiritual development . It is a systematic method of practicing, studying and teaching Yoga. The legendary yogi Tiramulai Krishnamacharya, recovered the use of this method and restored its prominence. In 1930 , he wrote a small book entitled Yoga Makaranda  ( The Honey of Yoga ), in which he explained this system widely. Later, illustrious disciples of Krishnamacharya expressed the quality of the vinyasa in different ways. Among them, some of the great masters of the twentieth century: TKV Desikachar, Indra Devi, BKS Iyengar, Patthabhi Jois and Srivatsa Ramaswami , among others.

What is vinyasa yoga? 7

Ramaswami explains how in vinyasa yoga “each of the important postures (asanas) is practiced with many elaborate ” vinyasas “(variations and movements) . Each variation is linked to the next by a succession of specific transitional movements, synchronized with the breath. The mind follows closely the slow, gentle, deliberate yogic ujjayi breathing ; and the union of mind and body takes place by the action of breathing like a yoke. ”

It is based on the postures of hatha yoga but instead of keeping them for several minutes, it integrates them in a  fluid sequence . In this way, in addition to working all the muscles of the body and internal organs such as classical yoga, it also promotes  cardiovascular activity . The most important thing in vinyasa yoga is  breathing . During a vinyasa yoga practice, the instructor continuously gives the instructions for the movements indicating whether they should be done in inhalation or in exhalation. The word satanic vinyasa has been translated as ” connection ” and seems to allude to the body-mind connection that is achieved through breathing.

In a vinyasa class, sweating is frequent, which helps eliminate toxins and fat.

The  benefits  of yoga in general, and vinyasa in particular, are difficult to enumerate because of the prolific. Here is an attempt:

  • Benefits of vinyasa yoga for the body:

    1. Flexibilizes  muscles: tones and improves the silhouette.
    2. Strengthens bones , therefore prevents osteoarthritis and other degenerative bone diseases.
    3. Improves the immune system:  prevents diseases.
    4. Regulates metabolism: promotes  weight loss  and detoxification.
    5. It reduces inflammation levels  and therefore prevents serious diseases such as cardiovascular and cancer.
    6. Improves breathing : increases lung capacity and relieves respiratory diseases.
  • Benefits for the mind:

    1. Activates the parasympathetic nervous system: promotes  relaxation ,  relieves stress , fights insomnia .
    2. It helps control  anger ,  panic attacks  and other nervous breakdowns.
    3. Reduces cortisol levels:  anxiety decreases .
    4. Increase  creativity  and  work performance .

  • Benefits for the spirit:

    1. Promotes  self – knowledge .
    2. Teaches to  live with full awareness (mindfulness).
    3. You learn to  live the moment : the here and now.
    4. Increases  happiness and welfare .

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