Emotional Intelligence by Goleman With FOCUS

Book on emotional intelligence FOCUS

“Focus. Develop attention to excellence. ” Daniel Goleman. Editorial Kairos

If there is the concept of Best Seller narrative in the world of book editions of “Personal Development” undoubtedly the book that I recommend today, would right now on the list of the best lists taking, insurance, first place . It is emotional intelligence with Mindfulness. A new way of leading. Other forms of Mindfulness Leadership

When we talk about emotional intelligence, Goleman talk about. This book is still one of the best selling worldwide and must be. We speak, neither more nor less, Daniel Goleman, which already in itself is a guarantee of good work. I remember two of his most renowned works, such as “Emotional Intelligence” and “The practice of Emotional Intelligence”, both in the same publisher of this that I bring, and two as “Focus” opened new perspectives in the emotional environment psychology and personal development.

Now Goleman, in an extensive and deep volume brings us to the epicenter of one of the problems that we humans, and is none other than our lack of attention. And in this case, the importance of focusing attention to leadership and excellence.

In this case, Goleman, speaks to the talent of care. A talent that, until now, had not done much attention, but a few years now, starting to look like one of the ways of solving many of the problems and situations that humanity goes through.

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Personally, suffice it to say that after reading, seeing clearly just as those who are achieving good performance in different fields, are people who have worked in the focus on the present moment watching your attention. It is the intelligent meditation that makes us masters of our present.

It shows the author, psychologist and journalist, three ways of focusing our attention: internal focus, the focus on others and the outside focus.

With this simple recipe and obviously practice, we can work from a mindfulness attitude something that so far we did not give much importance him, but turns out to be the beginning of our happiness and inner peace.

He says Goleman “Mindfulness training reduces the activity of so- called circuits I, located in the medial prefrontal cortex, so that the less talk, the better we can experience this” to continue adding that “The longer a person practicing mindfulness, the more easily you can decouple your brain of the two types of self – awareness and enable free from all mental chatter on the “I” , the circuits that encourage presence here and now. “

Ultimately “By changing the relationship we have with thinking, mindfulness allows us to break the chain of thoughts that otherwise would end up wallowing in suffering”.

By the way, fantastic example of what the practice of mindfulness, on the first page of the book in “subtle power” when we are introduced to “the eyes of the mall.”

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