Mindfulness up early for your staff and professional development

Mindfulness up early for your personal and professional development

Early, it seems, it is becoming a new trend.


One of these new fashions with the sport, meditation or healthy food, praise and try to raise own flag with which to share a new way of living life.


If when I was a twentysomething, I would say so early as I do now for some years, I assure you I would not have believed it.

But today, up early it has already become one of the great intimate pleasures of my life and today I want to tell you something about my magic I live two hours from 5 to 7 am.

How take the opportunity to continue printing mindfulness life to my days and how can you begin to organize for that “get up early mindfulness” is a new healthy habit in your daily life.

In my case, it all started in October 2012, when obviously beyond my desire circumstances, I had to return to unemployment and I realized it was time to launch Plenacción as consulting for personal and professional development based on mindfulness or mindfulness with the idea of ​​offering my experience to help others and put a bit to serenity in this world so fast.

A period of my life when returning to work in the home office and at what he had to establish some was initiated “monastic schedule” to make me keep alert not to get carried away by apathy and let the days elapsed without giving effective steps not only towards professional work, but also personal development.

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It was when I decided that a new way to start the day was practicing the “noble art” early. In principle and in the first year, I took on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to go to the gym to participate in classes Spinin that began at 7 am, so I started to put the alarm clock at 5 am to go home at 6,30h.

The experience was very positive. Early and wake up at 5 in the morning, pop out to the street with our perrete Blas mired in the very silence of the night, practicing every day, at least 15 minutes of meditation sitting on my zafu and some reading I they did feel a deep practice of mindfulness nothing to get up and that reverberated in my activities all day.

Before long, I was getting used to wake up at 5 am and get those two magical hours in which to dive into a space of silence.

Two magical hours in which, carrying out good time management, I would serve to face the day with more energy and clear objectives that go enjoying the way.

From 7 in the morning, day and raised and my wife, he begins each day with a new spirit that makes me have a good day of work conscious.

And the big question: If you wake up at 5 in the morning, what time do you go to bed ?.

And the answer is that, as very late to get up early at 5, ideally do so before 11 pm . In my case, starting at 10 pm and I am nobody and I need to go to rest.

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I invite you to start practicing the noble art of early. There is a book that can offer you some good ideas to make it and everything a good working method to getting it going.

“Mornings miraculous”. 6 habits that will change your life before 8:00 Hal Elrod.



This is a rough schedule of what I do between 5 and 7 am:

5h Awakening

I wash my face with cold water, I drink a glass of water with my pills herbalist (including Reishi I invite you to discover), I put feed our Gatetes and short walk to Blas. 15-20 minutes of meditation in my Zafu. Staff time and already dressed for the day toilet (if you have to spend time at home or work at home, I recommend you view and do not walk all day clothes around the house. It is important, seriously)

And then I’ll dividing various activities depending on the day. I spend time to write, prepare things for web plenacción, time reading, studying …

Early to print a good job of achieving your own objectives or goals or simply to have two hours of silence prior to the bustle of activity a day is one of my greatest discoveries I invite you to do.

To begin with, until you can wake up to your appointed time, I invite you to do for a few days, waking up in the morning 10 minutes earlier each day.

If you normally get up at 7, do it tomorrow at 7 least 10, the day after tomorrow at 7 least twenty … and so on until your alarm rings at 5 o’clock in the morning.

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By the way, do some stretching essential nothing to get up.

I leave a newspaper article that might interest you:

“Getting up early (by choice) in the country of siesta”


And to learn to meditate at home you can check out this link:


“Learning to meditate at home with Zafu and zafutón”

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