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Outstanding benefits of Kundalini Awakening in 2020

Outstanding benefits of Kundalini Awakening in 2020 17

What are the benefits of awakening Kundalini?

Kundalini is defined as “the latent power of spiritual realization buried deep in the human body, perpetually under pressure to elevate and manifest its truths, power, and bliss,” according to John Selby in the book “Kundalini Awakening.” When you experience the awakening of kundalini, you awaken that power within yourself.

This can lead to strong and surprising sensations, so it is best to start your practice of kundalini under the guidance of a professional.

Outstanding benefits of Kundalini Awakening in 2020 18


Immediate benefits of Kundalini Awakening

In the initial stages of awakening the kundalini, you feel something changing in your being, says author John Selby. The energy of the newly awakened kundalini will allow you to feel more present. You become more aware of your senses, bodily functions, and energy levels. This awakening can also make you feel more peaceful and able to approach life with a calmer state of mind.

Benefits of Kundalini Awakening For the chakras

Leveil Kundalini will balance and coordinate the chakras, centers of energy in your body, according to Shakta Kaur Khalsa in the book “Kundalini Yoga”. Khalsa says that when the energy of the kundalini rises through the chakras, there is a marked change of consciousness in the individual as well as a noticeable transformation in his character. Those who feel that feel more balanced and have an improved attitude.

What are the benefits of Kundalini Awakening & quest;

True goal of yoga

Kundalini’s awakening is the true goal of yoga, according to Gopi Krishna in his book “Kundalini’s Leveil”. Léveil Kundalini will improve and facilitate your yoga practice. Plus, your yoga practice can help you wake up in kundalini. Both go hand in hand, says Krishna.

Outstanding benefits of Kundalini Awakening in 2020 19

Other health benefits of Kundalini awakening

According to siddhashram.com, the likely health benefits of kundalini awakening include clarity of thought, better memory capacity, and greater physical strength. Relief of stomach and throat ailments, liver problems and kidney stones can also result from the awakening of kundalini. According to the leader of the kundalini, Yogi Bhajan, the awakening of the kundalini will lead you to “universal unity”, or illumination.

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The dangers of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is considered one of the most powerful forms of yoga, since it leads to the awakening of the energy centers or the latent chakras, which are within us. With the realization of this form of energy, it becomes possible for one to become more evolved as a living being. What one does not realize, however, is that the body needs to be “prepared” to handle all that pure energy.

Outstanding benefits of Kundalini Awakening in 2020 20

And there is the basis of the danger of Kundalini yoga. This energy is so pure, that if it is not channeled properly, it can lead to more harm than good. As we have said before, this kind of yoga touches all the spheres of the body and the mind, and therefore, helps the person to evolve both physically and mentally. If practiced with a professional coach or teacher,

Depending on the person, the way in which early awakening or premature awakening affects, will be different in different cases. Here are some symptoms, both physical and mental, to which the incorrect practice of Kundalini Yoga can lead. These may include:

  • A pain in the body
  • Burning and inflammation
  • Hypersensitivity to cold and heat
  • Drastic changes in appetite
  • The fluctuation of sexual energies
  • The unexpected negative symptoms of guilt, depression, anxiety and confusion

Outstanding benefits of Kundalini Awakening in 2020 21

Along with these, there have also been cases of breakdowns of disorientation and psychotic symptoms, which have been reported.

Maybe this means, that there has to be a complete prevention of Kundalini Yoga? Of course not. There is nothing wrong with practicing this form of yoga, but one has to understand, that it should not be taken lightly. It has to be practiced with a certified expert or a yoga teacher, and not with the help of books, because it is not only your body, but your mood, that you must be prepared to receive the energy, which is of course also his way of understanding it.

One should not rush through this process, since it takes years to get it right. Going through this process will not allow you to prepare well and when you practice it without the proper guides, it will provide you with more harm than good results.

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These dangers to which they are involved, Kundalini yoga should not be taken as a deterrent, but as a lesson. This is not to disappoint or discourage you from taking kundalini yoga classes, but to help you take the correct form of it. When one knows the dangers involved, only then one takes the precautions and hassles to perfect the art. Only those people, who desire the true benefits of it, will exhibit the great work of patience and hard work, which is required to master this science of ancient India. For everyone else, Kundalini Yoga is probably not the answer.

Outstanding benefits of Kundalini Awakening in 2020 22

Kundalini Yoga and the Awakening

The most effective yoga is called the Kundalini Yoga. It is powerful that it was called the mother of all the Styles of Yoga. This kind of yoga awakens the base of our spine which is referred to as the Muladhara Chakra.

Kundalini Sadhna is explained to be the coiled energy that looks like a snake which has three and a half coils which are resting at the bottom of the spinal column. The three coils in Kundalini Yoga are understood as the three Gunas which are the Sattva, Rajas, Tamas.

kundalini sadhna
kundalini sadhna

In anatomy, the kundalini is discovered in the perineum area of our body. For the males, it is discovered between the testicles and the rectum. For the woman, it is discovered between the vagina and the clitoris.

Kundalini Yoga is likewise understood as the sign of equality and power for both genders. This means Kundalini Yoga is good to get rid of the feeling of sorrow, jealousy, anger and anxiety.

Outstanding benefits of Kundalini Awakening in 2020 23

Kundalini Yoga gives benefit to Yogis who preserve unity awareness and spiritual improvement. The Kundalini produces a hissing sound when it is awakened. It sounds much like a beaten snake as it goes from the Muladhara Chakra to the Brahma Nadi and to the Sahasrara Chakra.

In the year 1969, Yogi Bhajan introduced Kundalini Yoga. It consists of the practices of the typical Mantra, meditation, shouting, breathing and the traditional poses. This kind of yoga actually focuses more on shouting and breathing. It does not really concentrate in the Kundalini Yoga Poses alone.

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Outstanding benefits of Kundalini Awakening in 2020 24

It is good to know the course it takes if you are curious about Kundalini Yoga. One thing you require to understand is the Nervous System and the Spinal Cord. These two are the main focus of Kundalini Yoga. It targets your Spinal Cord and the Nervous System.

The Nervous System as we all know is the main control or the center of our body. The Nervous System is accountable for the creativities, ideas, intelligence and memory that we have. The Nervous System composes of the brain, the nerves and most specifically the Spinal Cord which offers us posture and stand. The Spinal Cord is comprised of delicate nerves and tissues that is why we require to look after it. Kundalini Yoga will be the most appropriate practice for this.

Outstanding benefits of Kundalini Awakening in 2020 25

The infamous benefits of Kundalini awakening is not that simple to learn. After series of trials and sessions, you will discover out that Kundalini awakening took place and it was all because you were simply too excited and concentrated to discover it.

Now what you need to do is get that amazing concentration and begin dealing with your Nervous System and Spinal Cord. If you wish to stay healthy and keep a good posture, Kundalini Yoga is simply waiting on you to practice it.

kundalini snake with 3 coils
kundalini snake with 3 coils

The most powerful yoga is known as the Kundalini Yoga. The 3 coils in Kundalini Yoga are known as the 3 Gunas which are the Sattva, Rajas, Tamas. Kundalini Yoga is also understood as the sign of equality and power for both genders. Kundalini Yoga provides reward to Yogis who preserve unity awareness and spiritual improvement. If you are curious about the benefits of Kundalini Awakening, it is excellent to know the path it takes.

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