Retreat of mindfulness meditation for the soul

Meditation retreat for the soul.  Silence and serenity for summer

Withdrawal of mindfulness meditation for the soul. A form of personal growth, silence and serenity.


If you’re considering making a withdrawal of mindfulness meditation, this is my RECOMMENDATION:

let me recommend those who organize Luisa and Juan Manuel Alguacil Hidalgo in


Although this post is written in June 2015, if you were to read later, I want you to stay with the reference of these two pages to a meditation retreat mindfulness as you are, sure, looking.

In this world so fast, before this new awakening of consciousness that is emerging, there is a sense of cooperation and energy that, to me, I like especially, and that that which pushes create synergies between them and those who believe that together we can do more than separately.

Because. when doing a meditation retreat, take reference of a good place is important

This is the case of “cooperation” between Plenacción and mindfulness meditation retreat organized by Luisa and Jose Manuel. Luisa sent me the information and I found it so interesting that I could not but make it known to all.

Working from silence for your own personal development, it is a gift you should ask yourself. This is a proposal vacation prox caring for the soul joining meditation, silence, mindfulness and relaxation in a beautiful spot in the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Natural Park where you’ll find a true paradise desconcectar.

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As they say on their website:

Words like, simple, calm, tranquility, joy, flowing, conscience … can be, among others, words that resonate with you through this experience. With several guided activities per day and time where you choose: be quiet, meditate, contemplate, relax, yoga, dance or horseback riding by nature, integrating the experience and everything you learn at a natural pace.

Discover a new way of making a mindfulness meditation retreat with good people and a privileged holiday.

Heart, be encouraged to try something that I’m sure will change.

A meditation mindfulness retreat to take the pulse of life … your own life. You deserve it.


More information on the withdrawal of mindfulness meditation for July and August:

Mindfulness meditation retreats





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