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5 Tips for Releasing the Past and Living a Happier Life |


5 Tips for Releasing the Past and Living a Happier Life | 3


The effects for having been anchored in the past are far – reaching: a distorted view of yourself, stressful relationships, shattered dreams, sadness and frustration daily. And all this is unnecessary.

You can heal the pain of your past. You can leave your pain and move towards a happy, free and full of possibilities life. Time does not heal all wounds, it needs these five smart decisions:

You’re smart right? So do not waste another second of your precious life worrying about the past.

1. Cánsate of being trapped.

Get by all means get to a situation where you sick of so many tears, depression, guilt and back again with the same thing over and over again. Let exhaustion, it’s okay! Hártate really carry this baggage with you, because then you are open to solutions. You’re willing to look at your situation.

It ends with the story that you were treated unfairly and be apt to see real changes in your interior.

2. Stop being a victim.

If you drag the pain of your past, you will identify yourself as a victim. You believe it was all a conspiracy towards you, and if things had been a little different, you’d be great now.

Well, the truth is this: what happened, it happened. But what you do with what happened, it ‘s your decision. It is absolutely true that suffering is optional , you can choose a way of thinking of guilt and victim and continue. Or you can focus on your own peace and happiness.

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Do not worry about others, what they did or what you think they deserve. Instead, open your heart to yourself and find that imperturbable place within you that has not been hurt by events.

3. Do not wait another minute that apology.

Believe me when I say you do not need an apology. Why? Because you are putting your well – being in the hands of something you can not control and leaves you waiting. That wait is not for the apology itself, but for your happiness.

All you need is to decide that you will be at peace. Make this a guiding principle in any difficult time, and you’ll know exactly what to do.

4. Know that way you feed your pain.

Check out your inner world and realize how sad stories and feed your painful emotions. If these stories arise in your mind, and feelings appear. But you can choose not to pay attention to these stories.

When you realize you’ve given in to an old story and feelings that lead is a golden opportunity. Instead of feeding, focuses your attention on experiences that will produce peace, calm and joy. If you remove the band from the past, you have no more news of him.

5. Wide vision you have of yourself.

If you’ve been clinging to the pain of the past for a long time, you really that color. You are not limited, broken as you think you are. Behind the veil of pain, you as a person if you’re in something big.

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Notice how you yourself have put a brake identify with your past. From there emerges this quitándote the veil, renovated with an open heart.

When you no longer define the stories of your past, you will see that these completely, you never get hurt, magnificent, magnificent beyond measure. He lives here now, and the pain of the past will be a distant memory in your mind.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

(Source: Dr. Gail Brenner – www.mindbodygreen.com)

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