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What is the best place for doing yoga?

What is the best place for doing yoga? 5

Best places to practice yoga

Yoga classes in the hall or on the shore of the ocean are, as they say, two big differences. The warm climate, the sound of the surf, the rustle of the rainforest, the dance of unfamiliar smells and sounds, the specially selected menu, the company of like-minded people – and now you have something that did not work out before, a sense of harmony and unity with the world comes.

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What is the best place for doing yoga? 6


On the question “where to go?” Everyone finds the answer on their own – however, there is one universal rule here. We must go to the country whose culture and climate are most suitable for you. Or – to a specific mentor.

The 5 best yoga centers on the planet, according to Global Village experts :

  1. Ananda in the Himalayas,India

The palace of the last maharaja of the Teri-Garhval family seems to soar above the clouds, among the gardens in the foothills of the Himalayas. Crazy views of the valley of the Dun and the sacred river Ganges, opening from the top of the hill, a golf course, a restaurant with a special “rejuvenating” kitchen, a luxurious spa with a huge selection of Ayurvedic treatments. Yoga classes take place in a special pavilion with a painted blue ceiling, a winter garden or in a glazed room on the roof of the palace.

  1. Golden Buddha Beach Resort,Thailand

Opening their eyes after meditation, some believe that a wonderful dream continues. The eco-resort of marvelous beauty, entirely occupied by one of the islands of Phang Nga Bay, Golden Buddha  is 28 private bungalows with access to the garden, incredible sunsets, blissful idleness in the hammock under the twitter of birds, plantations of coconut palms, diving, snorkeling and yoga. At the resort – three girls-teachers with an impressive background. Classes are held twice a day. The restaurant has a vegetarian menu based on local vegetables and herbs.

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What is the best place for doing yoga? 7

  1. UmaParo , Bhutan

Uma Paro was opened in 2004 as the first Retreat- Resort in Booth An . The hotel rises on a hill, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and in close proximity to ancient monasteries. The philosophy of the resort was based on the concept of “quiet comfort”: interiors in the Himalayan style full of intricate details, a gourmet restaurant (almost the best in Bhutan), indoor swimming pools with terraces, a sauna with hot stones and a world-class yoga school. Free classes take place in a panoramic pavilion, you can diversify the sensations with the help of hikes, trekking, mountain bike tours and excursions in the surrounding area.

  1. SaltLuxury Retreats , Bali, Indonesia

The Indonesian island of Bali is known all over the world as one of the best places for surfing. And also – as an excellent place for yoga. In Salt Luxury Retreats, there are both. As a rule, the weekly program includes not only daily yoga and meditation exercises, but also snorkeling in the coastal waters, surfing lessons, spa treatments in the beauty center, an organic menu in the resort restaurant, dances and dinners on the beach under the stars , as well as accommodation in one of the luxurious villas and services of a personal butler 24 hours a day. During yoga classes, teachers pay special attention to beginners.

  1. Maya Tulum Retreat & Resort,Yucatán, Mexico

The Maya Tulum come a global celebrity for the sake of big politicians and businessmen to participate in yoga workshops known American, European and Indian instructors. A year of such seminars is held at least fifty. Among the types of yoga that are practiced here are not only the usual hatha and ashtanga vinyasa, but also power, anahata, kundalini and anusara yoga. The beauty of the local nature deserves a few enthusiastic words: beaches, ocean, virgin jungle, hammock suspended in the shade – is this not the place where you should strive with all your might?

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