Hello, friends! Today I prepared a short article for you, in which I would like to talk about yoga for increasing growth. I’ll describe the pros from yoga, how it can influence the body, and I’ll demonstrate the video with some effective exercises that promote growth.

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Are there any yoga asanas to increase height? 6


Yoga is a way of life that appeared in India and was practiced by its followers for many centuries. Yogic practice means keeping a righteous lifestyle and doing exercises for the body, mind, which contribute to the physical, mental, spiritual health of a person. Within the framework of this article, we will only consider the physical aspect.

Physical exercises in yoga (asanas) are very effective. For example, they perfectly stretch the spine, improve flexibility, cleanse toxins and stimulate the growth of bones. For a long time nobody is surprised by the fact that Hatha Yoga exercises are the basis of many popular methods of increasing growth . However, some asanas are quite difficult for a beginner and can do harm if they are not performed correctly. It is better to do them under the guidance of a teacher of yoga, but you can do it yourself, having previously studied video materials with the correct performance from experienced coaches. If everything is done correctly and diligently, you can get noticeable results.

The best yoga exercises to increase growth.

So, making the body elastic, thanks to a quality stretching of the body, yoga helps to increase growth. Next are a number of good, in my opinion, physical exercises that you can practice on your own. It is very important to breathe properly when performing them to achieve the desired effect (follow the recommendations from the video). Most asanas require deep breathing from the practitioners, for this reason, try to master deep breathing. Such breathing will help reduce stress, relieve tension from the muscles of the back, thereby removing obstacles to lengthening the body.

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1. Surya Namaskar. It is based on 12 different asanas, which are executed sequentially. These poses have been practiced since ancient times, contribute to the development of the body and have a beneficial effect on digestion. They are recommended to be performed 2 times a day – at dawn and in the evenings. The video below shows the main points of correct execution.

Are there any yoga asanas to increase height? 7

In principle, in this complex, ideal exercises for stretching are collected. You can only do them. Next I want to separately note some of the asanas from the Surya Namaskar complex and not only, which should be emphasized.

2. Sukhasana. The main asana, from which all the rest originate. In this position it is easier to control breathing, it tones up the lower back, hips, thereby improving the opening of the hip joints.

  • Sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Place your hands on your knees.
  • Focus on the control of breathing. Try to breathe deeply and rhythmically.
  • Your spine should be perfectly straightened.
  • Now try to gently move your hands towards the floor. Gently push your knees. Let go. Repeat 5 times.
  • With inhalation, raise your arms up above your head, and with an exhalation, gently lower your hands down. Repeat 5 times.

3. Tadasana. Pose of the Mountain. This asana is very easy and useful. It keeps the flexibility of your body, strengthens your arms, legs and spine. Also useful for growth, so tadasana should be practiced from the very childhood.

4. Uttchita trikonasana. The pose of the triangle. Helps in improving the balance of the body and allows you to have a good posture. This asana is especially useful for relieving tension.

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5. Parivritta trikonasana. Pose of the turned triangle. This position also strengthens the back and improves the balance.

6. Bhujangasana. Pose of cobra. A popular asana, which is often mentioned in various growth techniques. Promotes stretching and lengthening of the spine.

7. Adho Mukha Shvanasana. Pose of the dog with its muzzle down. Not very difficult to perform asana. It increases the flow of blood to the face and neck, thereby keeping your skin radiant. Since in the process of performing the exercise, blood is actively poured into the head, mental abilities are improved and stress is effectively removed.

8. Vrikshasana. Pose tree. This yoga posture is very useful for strengthening the gastrocnemius muscles, legs and again improves the overall balance.

9. Ustrasan. Camel posture. Helps to extend the body at any age, making your spine more elastic, and the body flexible. Therefore, I think a good exercise for those wishing to be higher.

10. Prasarita padottanasana. Pose of an elongated spine. It is aimed at every part of the body – from head to toe. It will be useful for those who have a lower part of the body that is noticeably shorter than the upper one.

The above asanas can be very effective in the period of active growth and beneficial to health. It is advisable to practice them from an early age in order to get maximum results. Those who suffer from ailments or injuries should first consult with their doctor before embarking on any asana.

Well, it seems that’s all. Yoga is a science that has proven effective in solving a large number of problems. That yoga to increase the growth, which was discussed today, I hope, will bring you positive results. Practice regularly and lead a happy life. I wish everyone success!

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