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How can I improve my memory power and concentration through yoga?

How can I improve my memory power and concentration through yoga? 3

Yoga exercises to de-stress!

It is not always easy to find the right balance in a busy life. From all sides there are things that require your attention: work, household, friends, family. Are you actually still in the first place? A large part of the Dutch suffers from fatigue and at increasingly younger ages people suffer from burn-out complaints. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to whistle yourself back and kick on the brakes.

The best way to learn something is to see how others do it. So, the lot of DVD’s are there to guide How to do yoga. From this DVD you learn yoga to improve memory and concentration. To buy a DVD click this link.

How can I improve my memory power and concentration through yoga? 4


One enjoys an afternoon at the beach or a day at the sauna, the other prefers to get creative or makes a brisk walk. Many projects can easily be picked up in between, such as baking a cake, designing phone cases or looking at a fun series.

Yoga is also a perfect activity that you can apply at any time of the day. Thanks to a number of simple exercises, you achieve exactly the effects you want to achieve. Below you will find a yoga exercise that helps you de-stress.

Easier sleep

Stress is a big cause of a bad night’s sleep. Nine times about that big assignment, new kitchen or important deadline. The quality of your night’s sleep decreases and during the day you probably suffer from this. What’s more, you get into a downward spiral through a disturbed day and night rhythm. Yoga can help you to sleep more easily with the following exercise:

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Lie on the floor on a (yoga) mat. Pull your legs up towards your buttocks, place your soles against each other and let your knees slowly fall out. Place two small pads under your knees if you can not comfortably hold this position. Place your hands on your stomach and follow 10-15 breath gently the movements of your stomach. In this way you consciously breathe your stomach, which ensures complete relaxation and you take away the tensions in your lower back.

Yoga exercise against stress and making you sleep better
Here the arms are stretched backwards, but with this yoga exercise it is easier to first put your hands on your lower abdomen and focus on your breathing.

If you like it, you can turn on a relaxed music during this exercise. Especially for beginning yogis, this is a good tool because it helps to resist your thoughts. This can be done with the help of a small speaker or earplugs . In the latter case, you are better off from your environment. Make sure you use a handy sports band or a phone case with holder, so you do not suffer from disturbing cables.

Better concentration

At home, at school or at work: everyone has a moment with poor concentration. What is easier than staring at your screen and daydreaming? However, this is not really efficient and useful. You can get stress! In this time you can better enable the help of a convenient yoga exercise. For this, take a break in a quiet place, or take a moment for yourself during your break:

Sit on your knees so that your buttocks rest on your feet. Then put your arms in front of you, keep your shoulders low and stretch your hands as far as possible for you. Then close your eyes and move your focus to the point between your eyebrows. Your eyes are closed, and arms fall past your ears, so you receive minimal stimuli from the outside. This allows you to relax even better and you continue your (working) day with full focus.

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Anti-stress, better concentration of yoga exercise

Extra energy

One of the consequences of a disturbed night’s sleep is (extreme) fatigue. This manifests itself during the day in a lot of yawning, bad appetite, dips and an irritable mood (short fuse). Sleep is not for nothing one of the primary necessities of life! A shortage disrupts many important processes in your body and thus generates a lot of extra complaints in the long term. Stress also has consequences for your body. That is why it is important to relax regularly and find ways to deal with high work pressure. The following exercise immediately gives you a new charge of energy:

Yoga exercise for more energy and less stress

Sit on the floor in a cross-legged way or a soft pillow. Extend your arms towards the air, upwards. Pull your navel light inwards and keep your back straight. Breathe in a quiet way and quickly through your nose. Your body automatically receives a signal to breathe, so it is important to focus on exhalation in this exercise. Repeat this about 100 times. Should you become slightly dizzy? Then go back to normal breathing. In this way your body provides a good dose of oxygen and you improve the blood circulation. Your tired cells get a good makeover and after this exercise you will feel completely fit again!

On the internet you can find a lot of similar yoga exercises that help you with de-stressing, even with handy instructional videos or a step-by-step plan. View it as an aid during the yoga exercise. Do you know that you also have many   cases  with a standard for your phone? Then you can easily put your phone down and view the video better. Also spoken meditations or soothing sounds are sufficient to imagine yourself in another world.

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