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Asanas of Yoga – Kind of figure – Posture sitting – Pariankasana

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Is yoga really beneficial to mental state? 1

Is yoga really beneficial to mental state?

Ways How Yoga Improves Mental Health Why does yoga solve psychological problems as well as a therapist? People around the world say that after a regular practice of yoga, their psychological state improves in some magical way. They become more calm, easier to cope with problems, deal with complexes and grievances, begin to live easier and […]

How do I raise kundalini energy? 3

How do I raise kundalini energy?

How to raise kundalini energy Kundalini is a powerful energy that silently sleeps in every human being and is part of the esoteric body. To raise it, specific intention and exercises are needed. The best way to learn something is to reading book through the book we learn many information. So, the lot of books are […]

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