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Myths about a healthy lifestyle

In civilized countries, especially in large cities, there is a tendency to promote a healthy lifestyle.
This is evidenced by the high demand for fitness services, yoga and other wellness programs, the emergence of a huge number of ecological food stores, increasing demand for dietitians and other services. However, many feel that a healthy lifestyle more divorced from reality, and ongoing compliance with the rules for good health goes beyond reason. Let’s try to understand this.

Myths about healthy lifestyles

1. Healthy lifestyle – it’s a constant strict diet

Diet and a healthy lifestyle – two different concepts.
Yes, sometimes you have to cut your diet for good health, but as a rule, removed products that are harmful to the body (sweets, sausages, flour). In addition, a healthy lifestyle does not mean giving up these foods forever. But their moderate consumption over time disaccustoms body from their palatability.

2. Healthy lifestyle – it’s vegetarian, raw food diet, yoga , and other practices of boring

The basic principles of a healthy lifestyle – this movement, absence of bad habits and proper nutrition.
To what concerns your kitchen a healthy lunch – it does not matter.

3. Healthy lifestyle – it’s a total control over their habits and no relaxation

Modern people have forgotten how to relax completely without nicotine and alcohol, so the path to health will have to start with relaxation.
But when you learn to truly relax, bad habits themselves begin to fade.

4. A healthy lifestyle is incompatible with the rhythm of modern life in the city

It seems that the lot of the average inhabitant of the metropolis to sit in the office, little sleep, spend a lot of time on the road, eat convenience foods.
But it is not so! You can always try to create a comfortable environment in the office, for example, to equip the workplace ionizer and humidifier constantly ventilate the room, every hour, go to fresh air (not to smoke, and walk). On the way home, you can read a good book, listen to classical music. Go to bed early, not wasting time on TV and social networking. Instead, you can buy frozen dumplings, frozen vegetables.

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5. Healthy lifestyle – young only

Age – is not a reason to give up on her hand.
Just think, that retirement – a great opportunity to take care of their health, spend more time in the fresh air, to communicate with children and grandchildren, to cook delicious and healthy meals, read and play sports.

6. Healthy lifestyle – it’s very boring

Boredom and depression – is a consequence of a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits.
A movement, on the contrary – the best way to get a dose of the hormone of joy.


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