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Asanas of Yoga – Kind of figure – Nakoli – Upavistha Konasana

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What is Kundalini Shakti? 1

What is Kundalini Shakti?

What is Kundalini Shakti? Kundalini Yoga The Kundalini is known as the Yoga of Consciousness, and it is considered one of the most powerful yoga practices (12 years of Hatha Yoga practice equals 1 year of Kundalini Yoga practice). The awakening of kundalini is the goal of all forms of Yoga, that is why it is […]

How Many Times Can We Practice Pranayama In A Day? 3

How Many Times Can We Practice Pranayama In A Day?

WHAT IS PRANAYAMA? Prana is the energy that moves the Universe. Some say that the Prana is the Universe itself. It is the energy of life. Pranayama is the control of Prana. That is, it goes far beyond breathing exercises. It is during these exercises that you capture the vital energy of nature, the Universe, and cause it to […]

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