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Asanas of yoga – Therapeutic focus – Obesity – Pashasana

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Sarwangasana with chair and bolester

Best Salamba Sarwangasana or Sarvangasana Variations and Innovations

In the classic version of Salamba Sarvangasana or Sarwangasana, the back is supported by arms and shoulders, which is quite difficult. This adapted version by the use of the chair is carried out easier and stress-free, and its regular practice is useful for the entire body. Shoulder stand yoga is among the essential yoga Asanas […]

How yoga can change relationships with men and not only

The secret of feminine power and women’s radiant energy would have one who practices yoga. How can affect a woman yoga practice and why it is attractive to men? The secret to radiant beauty All the mythical and fabulous beauties in common is that the descriptions of them comes radiance that pervades their whole being, […]

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