Running With mindfulness trainings to enjoy

Running with mindfulness training to enjoy

When we talk about sports and in this case running workouts are supposed to talk about activity, not stop … running. And when we talk about Mindfulness or Mindfulness seems to talk about stop, meditation, slow … So what has to do with running Mindfulness if what I want is to run ?. running with mindfulness training is a new way to enjoy your favorite sports experience.

And then we see that has to do more than we think, because practicing running is not just run out and because Mindfulness practice is not only “slowly”. also needed training tunning and that, with Olena care is more than possible.

What does your head, your “machine fuss” when you jog ?, Where moving your head when you’re in a race and if it is a medium or long distance ?.

So, in that case, Mindfulness or practice of mindfulness, becomes a powerful tool to focus your mind and manage your emotions and stress also stems at certain times of your exercise.

Today I want to propose 7 Keys to understanding the relationship between the practice of Mindfulness and running. 7 Keys that can allow you to form new running workouts to improve your fitness and enjoy from the here and now

  1. Unite mind and body . When you do not let you run head home and many times more than your body, it is she who dictates that you can no more. Mental rumination sometimes stops you before your legs,
  2. Be present in each step and movement . Learn to listen to what your body dictates causes decreased injuries. Feel every movement produces a relaxing effect. I do not think about the final kilometer, but in stride just given.
  3. Enocar not only results . The practice of Mindfulness or Mindfulness makes your mind is not focused only on the result and open to other areas of practice that will benefit your exercise, your health and wellness
  4. Focus your mind . Be where you have to be in your training or competition. Rumination not let your thoughts take you to places outside where you are, dulling your practice
  5. Improve your decisions . Since the practice of mindfulness, by winning presence in the activity you do, the decision-making improves considerably.
  6. Less anxiety, less stress . A key, especially in competition, is the lack of control that can take you mismanagement of stress and anxiety.
  7. The breathing. Your ally . Perhaps this is the best key to understanding the powerful relationship between running and practicing Mindfulness. By practicing mindful breathing, you will improve your performance.
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If you have not tried, it would be good to start practicing with training tunning based techniques and practices Mindfulness, because its practice allows you to develop your side “neutral observer” that helps you internal watch you and externally in everything that happens in the training and competition without identifying or attach yourself. With freedom.

From Plenacción I keep telling interesting things about Mindfulness and running. I really are being very useful.

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