Personal motivation and mindfulness. The perfect mix

personal motivation and mindfulness.  The perfect mix

Speaking of personal motivation, I believe from experience that the relationship with the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness is essential to work on your own personal and professional development.


personal motivation and mindfulness are the perfect ingredients for a good recipe for personal development.


When we talk about personal development, we are referring to a process of growth in which our skills, tools and strategies that enable us to break those barriers that limit us are enhanced.

In breaking these barriers is limiting access to precious asset of happiness and serenity.

BE CAREFUL !!, do not understand happiness as all day jumping for joy and with a smile on and I dwell in a cloud, obviously, it would be unreal.

I’m afraid that days and bad times there are. Wisdom is knowing not to succumb and be clear as through those periods.

Well, as free human beings and authors of our own reality in an interconnected world, personal motivation would be the shift lever to the personal development that everyone always seek.

Talk about personal motivation and personal development obviously gives to write a book of “zillion pages” but in this post, what interests me is to make clear the great power tools mindfulness or mindfulness are for the benefit of your staff and personal development motivation.

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In most cases, their own personal beliefs based on certain paradigms, become limiting personal motivation, which makes that we tend to put ourselves in the dangerous “comfort zone”.


(On the issue of paradigms, I recommend reading “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” by Thomas Kuhn but here I am referring to a certain concept of worldview, as paradigm relates to experiences, beliefs, experiences and values that provide us a certain way of seeing the world and acting before him)

Well, this together we are experiencing a change of era (not an era of change) and those who do not accept and know “mutate” into the new world, can stay off-hook or off-hook, makes the acceptance of new paradigms is necessary for the benefit of our personal motivation and, therefore, our personal development process.

The unstoppable acceleration of time “suffer” in a hipertecnologizada and hyper -connected society, has come to stay and is -we have it clear- a “product” of human beings. It is something that human beings have created.

Given this reality and the desire to develop as a person making good use of all your potential tools for change, personal motivation is the engine that can transform all those paradigms that limit you.

And this is where the action of the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness becomes a powerful tool for your own change.

Only from this moment will be possible to establish the necessary changes from personal motivation will allow ample personal development to build the life you want.

Nothing is impossible and failure does not exist. You must delete it from your vocabulary.

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The problem is that if you live mode “autopilot” without establishing that the root of change is in the here and now, the traditional sense of success or failure will be a huge constraint on your development.

However, through the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, the enraizarte in the present moment and build your personal development from the here and now through a deep personal motivation, it will change the paradigm on which it is based your traditional belief of success and failure , and get, well, you have no success or failure, but build your life from the serenity and commitment to the times in which you live.

Personal motivation for personal and professional development knowing that you enjoy and live with attention every moment of your life and, therefore, there is no success or failure, but a lifetime well lived until the last moments.

Life is that you have right in front of their noses. Key idea for your personal motivation


Yesterday was passed and you have to learn to not become a limitation for your personal motivation and development.

Tomorrow is out of reach . But it is from the power of the here and now where you can go build it .

So I must not think about yesterday or tomorrow ?.

Of course you can!!. In fact, to develop goals and objectives of all, you have to plan.

The problem is when you become attached to one or the other without being aware of your own thinking process. If you live in “autopilot” will be your thoughts that you take ownership. If you live with the “autopilot” off, you will be the very “maker” of your precise moments.

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Breaking paradigms, open yourself to life, experiences and lives, clears your ego, surrounding walls or jump on them before you hit your head and your personal motivation extends beyond your own limitations.

We have come to life to live it and live in it. Do it from the serenity and commitment. Looking for a meditation cushion and practiced every day for a while from silence because that is where change begins. It takes the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness to your everyday life not to be limited or constrained by these beliefs that they are grapple with in the past.

full action …

personal motivation to move your world … to change from the here and now.

I have wanted to write this post. It is a statement of intent. That’s life. I hope you find it useful.

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