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Yoga: What are the best yoga exercises for relaxation and to be more healthier?

Yoga: What are the best yoga exercises for relaxation and to be more healthier? 1

Relaxation: breathing exercises

Relaxation: breathing exercises

The relaxation , this spirit we all dream of and that is not always easy to achieve in our society, as happens even mainly, by breathing.

breath that can be corrected with a few simple exercises . Make a habit of performing them as soon as you have the opportunity, their positive effects will be felt very quickly on your health.

Observe your breathing

Modern society and its crazy pace are felt on our physical and mental health. Tensions and stress even end up changing the way we breathe. The contracted abdomen does not allow us to breathe properly and therefore to oxygenate our body sufficiently. The effects of such a breath are not slow to be felt, it is a vicious circle! To get by, nothing like a few exercises to correct the way we breathe. Indeed, relaxation goes through breathing, hence the importance of these exercises . The first exercise , as simple as it is important, is to observe your breathing. To do this, simply lie down and breathe, being aware of the path of air from the nose to the lungs. Close your eyes for a better relaxation and a better concentration on the smallest details of your breathing .

Relaxation: breathing exercises


Do not neglect any detail of the quivering of your nostrils to the feeling of exhaled air, it is only by observing your breathing that you can correct it to bring oxygen and relaxation . Once you become aware of the movements of your nostrils, chest and lungs during breathing , you will be able to exercisenext one whose goal is to relearn how to breathe in a perspective of relaxation and relaxation !

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Learn to breathe

The first exercise will help you realize that your breathing is thoracic (that is, the chest swells up during breathing ) when it should be abdominal. This new exercise is therefore intended to correct breathing to improve the oxygenation of the body. The idea is to relearn how to breathe like a baby by inflating the abdomen. Down with the dictates of modern society that force us to go belly and hold us straight! Let’s breathe again by having no complex to inflate the abdomen, so does our health. the relaxationfelt well worth every diktat!

To do this, lie on your back with your eyes closed for better relaxation and make sure the breathing goes through the diaphragm. It will not be easy in the beginning but you will arrive by concentrating on gradually changing your breathing . Inhale through the nose and slowly exhale through your mouth always in a spirit of relaxation and relaxation. This simple exercise can be done anywhere, anytime. Gradually, you will adopt this new way of breathing whose benefits will be quickly felt. You will not even have to think about it, the new way of breathing will become automatic.

Positive breathing

Now that you have learned not only to become aware of your body, but also to have adequate breathing for the oxygenation of your body, it is time to enjoy your state of relaxation in order to be positive. What’s better for morale? So, as you breathe while inflating your abdomen, take the time to have a positive thought that you will air when exhaling the air out of your lungs. Relaxation and relaxation effect guaranteed! This exercise , practiced as part of the sophrology, is based on a deep breathing and a state of relaxation extreme to make you enjoy the positive waves oh so necessary to cope with stress.

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