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Which yoga exercise can boost your memory?

Which yoga exercise can boost your memory? 3

How to improve the brain

The laws of the Golden Section, that is, absolute harmony, are subject not only to the fruits of human activity, but also to the person himself – his internal organs and systems, his soul, his thoughts. From birth, a person is ordered to be in harmony with himself and with the outside world.
As soon as this harmony is broken, a person “drops out” from the universal structures of the universe, created by the unknown and mysterious Universal Mind. A person starts all sorts of problems. And above all – health problems, because the disease is nothing more than a deviation from the classical proportions, granted by nature. The well-known psychologist Sergei VERBIN proposes to restore the disturbed proportions, and, therefore, to restore lost health with the help of one of his author’s developments – the Golden Section method,
Our brain has a unique ability to simultaneously control the condition of every cell of the human body and to influence it in a certain way. The brain knows everything: is it safe for our caring liver to maintain the constancy of the internal environment, whether the blood is filtered correctly and the waste products of the kidney metabolism are removed from the body, whether the heart does not lose its rhythm. Brain cells receive this information, process it and transfer it from the subconscious area to the consciousness area. However, with age, the reaction of the brain is markedly reduced. The method of the “Golden Section” allows a person to maintain the brain at a proper level. 
According to the classification of the psychologist Jung, the area of ​​consciousness, where signals are produced by the brain, consists of nerve cells called neurons. Neurons are combined into specific groups, and each neuron, with the help of the nervous system, connects with the prescribed areas of management of the human body. With age, the natural death of neurons occurs. This process is developing at an appalling rate, as a result of which the intellectual potential is steadily decreasing, and the quality of control of the organism falls sharply.
It is noteworthy that this happens even if a person, as doctors say, is practically healthy. If we take into account the abundance of harmful effects that are inevitable in the life of each of us, then by the mature age the death of neurons becomes catastrophic. To old age, this process is even more gaining momentum.
It is clear that the natural death of neurons a man can not resist – arguing with nature is useless. However, you can go on a different path and create optimal conditions for those neurons that have survived, and then they will take over the functions of their failed “brethren”. 
More than 30 years, we with colleagues in one defense research institute were engaged in developing methods for activating mental activity for the implementation of special space programs. However, in the process of work, we realized that the results obtained fit well into our ordinary life. Therefore, in recent years I decided to direct my research into the channel of earthly everyday life.
The method of “Golden Section” is to everyone’s strength. It is accessible and effective, despite its simplicity. Classes in experimental groups showed that, having shown zeal and patience, it is possible to achieve much.
Purification of blood and vessels of the brain 
The method of activation of the brain consists of several stages. The first and most important is the purification of the capillaries and vessels of the brain, as well as the blood circulating through them.
Waking up early in the morning, you need to drink a glass of water with soda or lemon juice to dissolve the cholesterol deposits. The next day – a glass of herbal tea, cooked from equal parts of linden, clover, oregano, St. John’s wort, strawberry and currant leaves. To improve the taste in the tea, you can add a spoonful of jam from the viburnum or mountain ash. Do this every day, taking, say, even-numbered soda with lemon, and on odd – herbal tea.
During lunch and dinner, try to eat one small onion, a clove of garlic, parsley, beets and carrots. Who does not have problems with the stomach, you can eat a teaspoon of horseradish with sour cream half an hour before a meal. This prevents the formation of stones. During the day, you need to drink 2-3 liters of liquid – tea, juice, decoction, compote – to improve the fluidity of the blood and purify the kidneys, and consequently, all blood. Monthly and yearly, you must carry out general cleaning of blood and blood vessels. To do this, use the fees and herbs.
Regularly visit the Russian steam room. This is a great cleanser. During the bath procedure it is recommended to drink tea or mineral water. It is very good to combine a visit to a bath with the use of herbal decoctions for the purification of blood lymph. In the autumn, you can bring a watermelon to the bath. The optimal number of visits to the steam room – from 3 to 6. The duration of the procedure gradually increase, but do not stay in the bath for more than 30 minutes.
Normalization of breathing – breathing exercises
The second, no less important component of my technique is the saturation of blood and brain cells with clean air and, most importantly, the removal of so-called stagnant air from the body. Over time, the brain begins to lose oxygen, resulting in oxygen starvation, which is accompanied by the appearance of dyspnea, drowsiness, heaviness in the head. The activity of the brain is markedly reduced.
To avoid this, you need to do a simple breathing exercise every day – to hold the air after exhalation. First, the breath is delayed for 3 seconds, then to this pause is gradually added for 1 second. If you can hold your breath in a month after exhalation for 30-40 seconds, it will be crucial for your health. Once the acquired skill becomes a habit, you need to learn to hold your breath after inhaling. The carried out researches show that at the same time the most favorable conditions for intensive assimilation by the brain cells of oxygen are created. In addition, if breathing is delayed, an intensive process of removing the metabolic products from the blood takes place.
One of the most effective breathing exercises is alternately inhaling the left, then the right nostril, which leads to activation of both hemispheres of the brain. One minute – a breath, one minute – exhalation. The duration of the exercise is 5-7 minutes. The nostril is clamped by the thumb, and the index finger is placed at a point located above the brow ridges. As you master these exercises, you can gradually move on to the following: breathing in 8 strokes of the pulse, delay – 8 strokes, exhalation – 8 strokes and not breathing – 8 strokes. This exercise is recommended to be performed daily for 10 minutes at home. Once a week for 20 minutes, but only outside the city, where there is clean air. And daily up to 30 minutes during the holidays – in the forest, in the mountains, on the beach. Exercise can significantly improve cerebral circulation. And the last recommendation for the activation of the brain with the help of breathing. At the first opportunity, inhale air filled with the aroma of roses, dog rose, lily of the valley, linden, bird cherry, oregano, mint or cones of hops. In the summer, these plants can be collected, dried, made of them aromatic pads and year-round to put them at night under the usual pillow.
Head and collar zone massage 
MASSAGE of the head and collar zone is necessary to improve blood flow in the cerebral cortex, and consequently, for cellular cerebral circulation. If within 3-4 weeks daily perform this massage for 7-10 minutes, you can see that by the evening, fatigue decreases significantly, and overall well-being improves.
Usually, with a head massage, techniques such as gentle touch and stroking, rubbing the hair, mashing and light pressure on the biologically active points are used. I propose to supplement these techniques with vibration, patting and tapping with light punching of the fingers on the head. 
  • General scalp massage is performed with all five fingers. It is necessary to sit on a firm chair in the coachman’s pose (the back is slightly bent, the head and shoulders are lowered, hands without a rest lie on the knees) and relax. Fingers of one hand – on the vertex. Stroke the top of the head 3 times clockwise. Then massage your forehead, eyelids and neck. The fingers should be bent and slightly apart.
  • Attach the fingers of both hands to the top of the head. First, massage the head from the vertex to the shoulders, then from the middle of the forehead to the sides. Repeat massage in each direction 3 times. When massage, make your fingers lightly pressing and kneading the skin of the hair.
  • Then it’s good to massage your ears. To do this, it is necessary to twist the ear cone several times in the tube and rub the lobes of the ears. This is very useful, since there are thousands of biologically active points on the urine.
  • Energy massage is similar to the general massage of the head, only the hands are located at a distance of 20-30 cm from the head. Movement of hands – as if stroking hair.
  • Emotional massage is performed together. One person sits on a chair in the driver’s pose and rotates his head alternately first clockwise and then counter-clockwise. Another person is behind him and slightly helps this rotation.
  • Further, negative emotional memories are removed. The person sitting on the chair turns his head and recalls pleasant moments from life first, then negative situations. Thus the head involuntarily stops. The task behind the person behind him is not to stop the rotation of his head. Performing this type of massage leads to the fact that negative information is gradually erased and replaced by a positive one.
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Massage the collar zone is also best done together. One person sits on a chair, and another becomes behind him and starts arbitrarily, using previously listed techniques, kneading the sitting neck and muscles of the collar zone. Then they change places.

Physical activity 
MAN is created for movement, like a bird for flight. Our task is to find free time, overcome laziness and develop willpower, in order to force ourselves to move as much as possible. It is easiest to start with long walks, since walking has no contraindications. The optimal walking speed is 5 km per hour. Starting from a few hundred meters, you can then pass at such a pace several kilometers.
Gradually supplement walking with exercise. They improve the elasticity of blood vessels, promote the formation of new neural connections and restore lost, improve blood circulation, which entails an improvement in brain function. This manifests itself in strengthening memory, increasing efficiency, increasing intellectual abilities.
These exercises improve the blood supply to the brain, as their complexity increases. 
  • Exercise. 1. Legs shoulder width apart. Head rotation from 2 to 4 minutes first clockwise, then counterclockwise.
  • Exercise. 2. Feet on the width of the shoulders, arms raised, fingers intertwined. Bowing and straightening, simulate the cutting of firewood. With a headache, this exercise is not performed.
  • Exercise. 3. The legs are shoulder width apart, the body is straight, arms are stretched out in front of them. Swing the right foot to the left hand and vice versa.
  • Exercise. 4. The legs are shoulder width apart, the body is tilted forward. Lean, trying to reach with your left hand the toe of your right foot and vice versa.
  • Exercise. 5. Run on the spot for 5-7 minutes.
  • Exercise. 6. Asynchronous movements. Legs shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and turned inwards. Perform simultaneous rotation of the right and left hand in different directions: when the right hand goes forward, the left hand – back and vice versa. The purpose of this exercise is to learn how to include both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. With the mastering of this exercise, the speed of thinking and the amount of memory are doubled.
Two other exercises are recommended to strengthen the vessels of the brain. 
“Birch” (Sarvangasana). Lie on your back, stretch your legs and arms along the trunk. Smoothly raise your legs, placing them at an angle of 90 degrees to the head. The arms bent at the elbows, prop up the buttocks. At first you can rest your feet on the wall. The time of staying in this position is selected individually. Starting with 60 seconds, you can increase the duration of the exercise every day for 10 seconds. Having mastered the exercise, try to stay in this position for 3-5 minutes.
Rack on the head (Shirshasana). Even the very name of this exercise initially causes fear, especially in people with weakened blood vessels of the brain. To avoid complications, it is necessary to fulfill 3 gold rules: systematic, sequence of exercises and gradualness of loading. Be guided by your own state of health. If the effect is pleasant, then it is useful. There should be no violence against yourself.
So, put a mat on the floor or just a sheet of paper. Get on your knees. Bend over and rest your head in the rug. Put your hands on the floor in front of you and connect your fingers so that a semi-circular bowl is formed. Push the clasped hands to the head. Spread the forearms in the sides. Make 7 deep breaths and exhalations. Pull your legs as close to your head as possible. Pull your feet off the floor and lift them upright. Try to stay in this position for 30-40 seconds. Then bend your knees and lower them to the floor. 
This exercise has a beneficial effect on the brain and helps strengthen the cardiovascular system. But before you start to master it, it is advisable to consult a doctor. The fact is that in some people for many years of a sedentary lifestyle, cerebral vessels have become so weak that even simple torso inclinations lead to the appearance of “flies” in the eyes.
Reset thoughts 
HIGH pace of modern life, inability to manage themselves lead to the fact that a person is constantly in tension. Overexertion is the cause of many diseases and erroneous decisions. During severe stress, stress hormones are released, blood becomes thick, and consequently, the conductivity of the membranes of brain cells decreases.
Each of us just needs to learn to relax. This is necessary primarily to maintain your health. By the way, mind you, when we relax, good ideas often come to mind. This is quite understandable: in order to identify the required valuable thought from hundreds of others and make the right decision, we must weed out all unnecessary, empty thoughts.
In order to come in a harmonious, balanced state, one can use such well-known techniques as meditation, yoga, autogenic training. I propose more simple and accessible methods for children, which I conditionally called a zeroing of the thought.
Try, for example, turn off the light, blindfold and, without thinking about anything, walk around like this in the room for 20-30 minutes. Note the emerging new states, feelings, emotions.
To relax and soothe your feelings will help and such a reception. Sit on a chair in the driver’s pose. Mentally imagine the lake surface in clear weather and try to drive all thoughts out of your head. The duration of the exercise is from 5 to 20 minutes.
Banish from the head of all extraneous thoughts you can while bathing in the pool, or in the sea. Close your eyes (if you want you can squeeze and nose), take a deep breath and sink to the bottom. Try to stay there as long as possible. With each dive, increase the time spent underwater. For each, it is selected strictly individually. It is advisable to bring it up to 60-90 seconds.
At this time, your brain, deprived of the main source of information, activates its reserves: sharply exacerbated sense of smell, touch and hearing. With the regular execution of this exercise, the brain functions are noticeably activated, in particular, memory improves, the time necessary for making correct decisions decreases, and the percentage of correct decisions increases significantly.
Concentration of the mind  
CONCENTRATION OF Mind is the concentration of thought on one point, subject or idea. Due to the high concentration of a person improves health, increases the efficiency of the brain, takes control of all your feelings and emotions. You can master the art of concentration with such simple exercises.
Turn off everything that might distract you: light, radio, telephone. Light a candle. Look at it continuously for 5-7 minutes, while concentrating your attention on a single thought, idea or task.
Which yoga exercise can boost your memory? 4
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Concentrate on any subject. Look at it from all sides. Looking at the subject, find in it more and more new details. Then close your eyes and try to reproduce in memory the subject you are considering to the smallest detail. Open your eyes and check the accuracy of the reproduced picture.
It is very important to learn to concentrate not only on individual subjects or thoughts, but also on feelings, feelings, emotions. Imagine a great bright love in your mind, which was certainly in your life. Remember who you loved or who loved you. Do this exercise daily for 20-30 minutes, consistently moving from one sensation to another.
These exercises are well performed during forced idleness: on the way to work, waiting for transportation, lying on the beach. During the exercises, there is an accumulation of a large amount of bioenergy, which in the future will be useful to you for solving specific problems related, including with health.
Creating a positive attitude 
In the LIFE of every person there are moments when his luck leaves. Such moments quickly pass without leaving a trace if a person is able to cope with the situation that has arisen. What helps to bear failure easily, playfully, without strong shocks and mental trauma? Certainly, humor and optimism.
It is noted that people who are concerned with what is happening with optimism, and to themselves – with humor, are much less sick, and if they are sick, they easily tolerate illnesses and quickly recover. Create and maintain a positive attitude in any situation will help you the following exercises.
Recollect an episode from a life when to you it was really very cheerful, and from the soul will laugh 5-7 minutes. It is especially useful to carry out this exercise when nadegut sad thoughts – soon they will not remain a trace. 
Studies have shown that right after a person laughs heartily, his brain activity increases several times, memory improves dramatically. At the same time, blood pressure and heart rhythm are normalized. This is due to the fact that in the human brain there are special substances that are similar in their effect on morphine. They stand out only during laughter and are a kind of internal anesthesia for the body. It’s enough for a person to remember something pleasant and start smiling or laughing, as in the brain structures such substances of joy and happiness – neurotransmitters begin to stand out.
Learn to find something good in the most difficult and unpleasant situations. If you find yourself in a difficult situation or in a state of depression, sadness, melancholy, look at the situation from all sides and remember the proverb: “There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped.” Try to look at the situation in which you were, from another point of view, and think about what positive aspects can be found in it.
Learn to develop and maintain a positive attitude. Put your favorite photo in front of you, with which you have very pleasant memories. Concentrate your attention to them. Remember where, who and when was this picture taken. Reconstruct the memory of the episode on it. Look at the picture every day for 5-7 minutes.
Smile more often. Reasons for a smile in our lives are more than enough. You just have to look around and watch with interest all that surrounds you.
I, for example, start my day by opening the window, straightening my chest, shoulders and smiling, imagining myself an actor who plays the part of a cheerful, happy person. At the same time every cell of my body I try to feel this state and remember it. Believe me, in the body there are extraordinary lightness, cheerfulness and a burst of energy, as after a good physical exercise. On the way to work and work, I always try to notice amusing situations, and when I come home, I write them down in my diary of ridiculous stories, which I have been leading for many years.
The focus is attention 
ATTENTION can be considered as a link between the ability of consciousness to perceive information and the ability of the subconscious to process it. In other words, the parallel transmission of the stream of thought must be transformed into a sequential one. This ability is determined by the ability of the brain to extract from the huge flow of information the required facts, analyze them and prepare the subconscious mind to make a decision. 
Our attention has a tendency to switch from one object to another. Try to keep him on anything for at least two minutes – and you’ll see that it’s not so easy. Meanwhile, there are situations when you need to do this. I suggest several exercises that will help you learn how to collect and hold attention.
  • Answer the questions about the color of the eye, eyebrows and eyelashes of your husband (wife). Describe in detail the shape of the face, nose, and eyes. In the same way, analyze the appearance of each of your friends, relatives, co-workers.
  • Draw a dot on the sheet of paper. Look at her, not allowing any extraneous thought, for 10-30 minutes.
  • Look at a fixed view of your favorite landscape for 20-40 minutes, trying to drive away all extraneous thoughts (this exercise is better performed at the dacha, in the park, outside the city).
  • Close your eyes, imagine a cave, mark the time and walk along an imaginary cave to the place where the light will appear. Exercise is best done in a dark room. Exercise time can vary from 10 minutes to several hours.
  • Spread out the dominoes. Record the time and select all knuckles with a unit. Then check how much time you will need to search for all the knuckles on the ascending one, starting with one.
  • Draw 5 triangles at the same time with your right hand, and 5 circles with your left hand. The duration of the exercise is 1 minute. This exercise very well trains both hemispheres of the brain.
  • Put before yourself a reproduction of the picture of your favorite artist. Look closely at the image, and then describe who is pictured in the picture, where the action takes place, what is the position of the characters’ bodies. Then again look at the image and try to carefully consider the items and details that are missing in your description. Close your eyes and try to imagine what this picture looks like. Open your eyes, try to describe the plot as accurately as possible.
  • Starting to master the method of the “Golden Section”, we must remember that good results can be expected only when all the proposed tasks are performed in a complex, and the classes are conducted not on a case-by-case basis, but daily for at least 3-5 months.
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The rules of everyday behavior for all who are excited by the idea of ​​harmonization of the mind, soul and body according to the laws of the Golden Section: 
  • as often as possible smile and reflect only on the good;
  • in your spare time, remember the people with whom you were particularly easy and pleasant;
  • watch the beautiful scenery, enjoy the picture of the setting, or even better – the rising sun;
  • try to plan your day so that there is time for hobbies and pleasures;
  • take a sleep of at least 7-8 hours; one day a week make it a day off from cares and labors;
  • more happen on the nature and listen not to a player or a tape recorder, but the murmur of brooks, the splash of an incoming wave, the rustle of leaves, the chirring of grasshoppers, the singing of birds;
  • optimism and belief in success – that’s what should become your guiding star.
All those using the “Golden Section” method felt a new surge of physical and mental strength, noted the increased interest in life. In many families relations between spouses, parents and children improved. The participants of the trainings significantly strengthened their health. Headaches disappeared, blood pressure normalized, eyesight and hearing became acute. People for many years forgot about colds and other ailments. Some even hair restored the original color and shine. The elderly people have found a real hope for active longevity.
Our brain is a biocomputer. From what programs you upload there, it depends what tasks you can solve, and, consequently, your entire future life depends. To the brain was in good shape, it must be constantly trained. Strengthened training leads to a constant replenishment of the brain with fresh blood enriched with oxygen. Using the proposed technique, you will feel the results of improving the brain after 5 weeks after the beginning of the session. Strong health, a good mood, a charge of cheerfulness and optimism will be your reward for work.

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