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How to fight stress (really)

How to fight stress (really) 1


Deal With Stress Easily



Meditation is an ancient practice that today becomes effective again.

The world today is extremely full of stimuli. You can hardly spend a minute in silence or quiet stillness. Everything seems to move at a frantic pace.

In fact, in almost everything you do you require speed, to the point that you also begin to demand it.

Time seems very little for what you have to do practically every day and do not have one minute to think about yourself, what you feel, what you want, what you need.

Many people live well and why stress has become the most common diseases today. We talk about it all the time, but do we really know what it is and how can we fight it?

What is stress?

Stress is a feeling of restlessness or inner tension, which results in constant fear emotions like irritability or unjustified.

It is common that these moods are also associated with a feeling of sadness or apathy.

Not all stress states can be considered unhealthy.

Sometimes the concern shown for specific reasons that justify it. For example, when you go to face surgery or you have to perform a demanding task. Stress is normal if there is a specific reason that can trigger anxiety.

The problem comes when the concern becomes permanent or appears vague or trivial reasons. Sometimes you just feel great anguish, but you can not define why. Experience a great inner turmoil and you uncomfortable heat, cold, company, solitude, work, rest … It seems as if achieved it not be calm in any way.

That is when it is important to make a stop along the way to examine what happens and do something about it.

Stress makes you suffer unnecessarily and there are ways to recover your emotional balance to achieve inner peace. Meditation is an excellent way to achieve this .

He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.-Marco Aurelio.

The meditation

The purpose of meditation is to achieve the power to focus your mind in the here and now.

If you think about it, most of our frustrations and concerns are born to remember unpleasant events of the past, or imagine undesirable situations in the future.

The kind of thoughts that appear in your mind largely determine your quality of life.

When your mind flies to everything that escapes your control, or focuses on everything negative that has happened to you or you can happen, there is no way to reach peace and inner balance.

The role of meditation is precisely to give you tools so you can exercise greater control over all those negative thoughts that invade and immerse you in a state of anxiety.

Meditation allows you to concentrate and, for that matter, focus. This means: connect to the center of yourself, with the most genuine is in your being, with your strength and inner vitality.

It has been proven through various research that meditation is one of the most effective antidotes to anxiety and stress.

Not only appeases your emotions, but also helps you to combat the lack of self-esteem, depression and insecurity. People who meditate are more optimistic and happy. But above all, they feel more able to successfully face any adverse situation of life.

Do you want to remain slaves of stress, or you’re ready to do something for yourself?

If you really want to continue your process of inner evolution, do not hesitate to take the free meditation lessons.

Watch the video below for more guidance.


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