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Morning Yoga for Beginners

Unfortunately, the morning awakening for most of us is not quite a pleasant surprise.
Alarm goes off and instead watch your beautiful dream, we have to get up, eat breakfast and go to work or school. At this point, we want to cheer up quickly.

Even as a child, we were taught that in order to be cheerful and efficient during the day, the morning is good to start with a charge.
With this statement hard to argue. If we want our body as long as possible to keep a youth and health, and mood as often as possible was raised, the physical development should be our habit that brings not only benefits but also fun. Therefore, I would like to talk about the complex asanas, which will help to cheer up in the morning, recharge the body and mind for the day, as well as lift your mood.

Note that in the morning the body bends are much worse than in the afternoon.
So do not hold to, enter the asanas gently, without effort, use the auxiliary materials. In addition, asanas can be done standing against the wall, it was to support. During menstruation should not do inverted postures (
Salamba Sarvangasana and halasana ).


Morning Yoga for Beginners 15

1. Tadasana

helps to wake up in the morning, rising tone, strengthens the abdominal muscles, improves posture, promotes the release of spinal nerves.

  • Stand straight, connecting the foot, so that the outside of the foot parallel.

  • Distribute body weight uniformly over the surface of the stop.

  • Strain the knees, pull up the kneecaps.

  • Tighten up the abdomen, pull the spine to straighten the neck.

  • Hands folded down the sides of the torso.

  • Asana is in 30-60 seconds.
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Morning Yoga for Beginners 162. Vrikshasana leads to tone the leg muscles, gives a sense of stability and balance.

  • Stand in Tadasanu.

  • Articulated right leg at the knee and press the foot to the inside of the left thigh, placing the heel near the perineum and fingers pointing straight down.
    Take a knee to the side.

  • Hands pull up (sometimes joined palms above his head, or on the breast – depending on the purpose of the exercise).

  • To breathe, hold the pose for a few seconds, with a time of increasing duration of exposure.

Morning Yoga for Beginners 17

3. Adho Mukha Shvanasana refreshes, stimulates the brain, promotes a rush of blood to the head, refreshing brain cells, improves the complexion.

  • Get on all fours: hands on the shoulder width apart with your fingers forward, knees and feet hip-width apart, hips and arms perpendicular to the floor.

  • Bend at the waist, with an exhalation, pushing his hands off the floor, to lead the buttocks up and back.

  • Pull the hands, neck and back in a single line in an effort to increase interior space in each joint.

  • Straighten the knees, press the heels to the floor.

  • Stay in the pose for 1 minute.

Morning Yoga for Beginners 18

4. Virabhadrasana II returns the flexible legs and the back and abdominal organs tones.

  • Stand in Tadasanu, exhale, legs apart at a distance of 120-125 cm, to deploy the right foot to the right, left – 60 degrees to the right.

  • Pushing foot floor, bend the front knee.

  • Pull down the tailbone, the pubic bone – up (This amplifies and rectifies the waist hip rotation of the hip joint).

  • Pull the hands apart.

  • Pull the crown up, then turn the head to the right

  • Asana maintain for 30 seconds.
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Morning Yoga for Beginners 19

5. Utkatasana instantly energizes and strengthens the ankles, thighs and calves contributes to even development of leg muscles, stretches the shoulders, tones the abdominal organs, the back and work the diaphragm massages the heart.

  • Stand in Tadasanu.

  • Bending your knees, lower your buttocks down, as if sitting on a chair.

  • Send coccyx down and pubic bone up to completely straighten the lower back.

  • Pull your hands over your head parallel to each other, to fall even lower, keeping the back as far as possible vertically.

  • Staying in the lowest possible position 10-30 seconds, gradually increasing duration.

6. halasana stimulates the pituitary gland, rejuvenate the internal organs, relieves back pain, cramps in the hands, arthritis.Morning Yoga for Beginners 20

  • Lie on your back.

  • On the exhale pull your knees to your chest and a roll (do not jerk!) Translate foot behind your head.

  • Locate the body weight on the blades.

  • Straighten and stretch the legs.

  • Breathe evenly, relaxing the abdomen and “wrapping” the hip inward.

  • Remain in position 1 minute, with the time duration of the increase up to 5 minutes.

7. Salamba Sarvangasana benefits the entire body. In the inverted position, improving blood flow to the brain, eyes and skin. Venous blood by gravity without stress is transferred to the heart for purification. Involuntary throat lock increases blood flow to the thyroid and parathyroid glands, stimulating them to work.Morning Yoga for Beginners 21

  • Lie down on a folded blanket so that the blade was on the edge of the blanket and his head – is already on the floor.
    Thus, the neck is not “wring”.

  • Run Halasanu.

  • To move his hands behind his back and elbows rest against the floor, and, helping himself with his hands, to give the torso upright.

  • Bend your knees and pull them up.

  • Remain in position for 2-3 minutes, increasing with time duration.
    Then return to Halasanu, slowly lower back to the floor – a vertebra by vertebra, stretch your legs and relax.
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8. Savasana relieves stress and is useful for the whole body and in the mind. Shavasana should be carried out each time at the end of yoga classes.

  • Lie down on a mat.

  • Put a blanket under his head.

  • Relax the entire body, letting go, breathing evenly.

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