28 Keys to Live from Love

Love is a flame that dwells in the hearts and ignited in contact with others . It is the purest expression of kindness, gratitude, tenderness, understanding and delivery. It is a sacred combination of feelings and emotions. Love is the opposite of fear is trust, connection to the wisest part of who we are.

Live from Love means always find the kindest response, more committed action with good, pure thought, the highest choice. Live from Love is to opt for harmony and peace, is to recognize in every human being, the blessed light of existence, is to understand the higher meaning of life and implement it at every moment: where are joyful and also in those things they seem to be going so well. It is a test of humility and therefore a cure for our ego.

Last year I wrote an article titled 27 keys to happiness . This year, the public in this article, the 28 keys that attempt to implement to live from love. I know I still have a lot to improve, but I’m on the road????

This is my gift to you who read me because you too are part of love, in fact you are Love.

“Love is more than a goal, rather than a fuel, more than an ideal. Love is our nature. We are love. “Brian Weiss


1. Accept yourself as you are and Ámate

Amelia Zuzel

Says a song by Pablo Milanés: “The beautiful thing inside me, beauty is born with me.”

If you see the beauty inside you, you will see the beauty around you, in everything you look. You will begin to love yourself as you want to love others and especially how you want to love you. This seems obvious, but the truth is that many people in the background are not completely love, not accepted as they are and live rejecting themselves.

Loving ourselves is an exercise in acceptance, understanding our fears, our doubts and failures. This self-love is to become aware of us, which is the only way to then have consciousness to others. It is to look inward with kind eyes, enjuiciarnos, to really be able to take the best version of ourselves.

What are signs that sometimes we do not love enough and how can we change?

I invite you to discover these 10 signs of lack of love for ourselves , so that reflections which are appearing in your life and how you can transform them into opportunities to love fully.

2. Da without waiting. Have no expectations.

Give from the heart involves an act of selflessness . When you offer love, understanding, we offer our help, we do not expect to get back what we have delivered. Otherwise we would fill expectations that can only end in deep disappointment. If you give without expecting anything in return, you just relax. You’ve put a seed there, do not know whether or not germinate, it will depend on many other factors, the important thing is that you’ve done your part.

Yes I’ve proven is that everything we give good to others and to life, the universe we will return multiplied in one way or another; but of course, you have to be very awake so you can see that miracle, it comes when you least expect it, for the most unexpected ways.

Some people do not realize when they receive good things of life, they are only concerned to complain and bemoan what they lack. Do not make the same mistake. If you focus on the abundance of happy situations and blessings in your life, certainly more abundance of good things will come to you, it is a universal law that is infallibly true. If you are able to open the eyes of the soul and realize this, every day you wake up with the word THANKS lips.

Therefore, Ama without waiting to receive Love, and the act of love itself implies that there is love in you. [Retweet]

3. Smile, You give away smiles!


Live from love, it is to live with a smile that lights up his face. If paid to smile, surely it would be a millionaire! lol And I think I am, not in money, but in joy.

My friends tell me I’m always smiling and as I say: Smiling costs nothing and has amazing benefits! ????

Imagine that in your everyday life, you go to the other with a smile, your children, your partner, your parents, your friends, your boss that you do not always fall as well. Really, I encourage you to try it, a smile is the best medicine to cure the sadness and the best strategies to win friends.

‘Take off your lips and teach those teeth that not only have to chew !!  ????

But do not feel like smiling, he smiles especially if one day you have to say something bitter.

I’ll tell you an experiment that I started to do. I like to walk through the streets of the cities I visit looking into the eyes of the people and giving them a smile. There are people who are extrañadas not know how to react, take so long without using the smile that was rusty them. Others are surprised positively and smile back, those are the ones that immediately spread from the vibration of joy.

This experiment is to take my inner child, I guess I’m like a baby who is exploring the world, which does not complex and is fascinated with all the people passing by. Do not you noticed that when you look at a baby in a stroller is almost always smiling?

What do you think if tests do too? Try at least a whole day, you will be surprised. The worst that can happen is that you feel a bit ridiculous, but so what? Free yourself and let go, let it guide your inner child, that still beats within you, eager to get him out for a walk????

4. Be open to learn love

Love manifests itself in the most unexpected ways, we can not pretend to predict which station will find it , we can not set limits or mark their course; It is an energy that flows freely and rapidly, entailing a holy mystery. When love is expressed, it brings many lessons we can only learn if we are really attentive and aware. Always appears for a reason, is never casual, it comes together an inexhaustible source of wisdom.

Perhaps at first we can not understand the reasons of love, but for those tireless seekers of the ineffable, always come answers. Do not reject love never in any of its manifestations, if you wonder, give yourself time to be one with it and understand it.

5. Do not be afraid to open your heart, express your feelings

Open your heart, express your feelings

There are so many people in the world who shut their feelings, which are not even honest with themselves, they have the belief to say what they feel is down the shield that protects them . I advocate a more transparent world, where humans open our hearts without fear of being damaged, without put protective shields or turtle shell as I often say a good friend. It is wiser to believe blatantly in others and prefer to be deceived once and for him to spend life distrusting everyone (with what we shall be perpetually deceived).

Perhaps too little naive, but I think we come into this world to express our highest truth and feel love another human being is much easier than we think, if we do not fear the paths you can take that love.

6. Find what brings you to the other and learn from the differences

Each of the people with whom we interact has its own history, their own beliefs and values, their particular way of understanding life. It is absurd to pretend that others are as we want them to be. When others act in ways that do not meet our expectations, we began to entrench the relationship of intolerance and incomprehension.

Sometimes it happens that when other people around us do not treat us how we would like, we begin to judge them, assuming they are the ones who are wrong and thinking ourselves masters of truth and reason. We can not control the responses of others, we can only control our response and that response changes everything, because it changes us.

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What if you put yourself in the other’s place? How about if instead of prosecuting the differences you have with the other, are looking for the common ground to build a bridge of union and not a separation wall?

If you want to have healthy and balanced relationships, my recommendation own experience is that you do not do to others expectations, accepts the other as it is. Focus on finding better what unites you to the other, not what you away from him, and learn from the differences.

All people who come into our lives, if only for a day, have something to teach, all can be our teachers. Do not judge yourself and see yourself in relation to others, you must be present enough to become aware of your responses, emotions and thoughts, and thus learn a lot about yourself.

7. Always forgive

Live from love is not a goal, it is an endless journey on a train that sometimes goes through pain station. The key here is not to dwell too long on it, you do not need us to add more suffering to pain.

If someone hurts us, betrays us or offends us, we must remember that the response of love is never hatred or rancor, the response of love for these painful circumstances is always forgiveness . You may think that there are things that have no forgiveness or that only God can forgive, but to the Lord’s Prayer says, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” We can choose to forgive those who trespass against us and this is the door to freedom and peace. Only when you forgive you can lighten the load to continue your way.

To forgive is to recognize that the other is also a victim of damage it causes. If damage is because it is not aware that he is part of the damaged, which harm another is harming himself. What the other is your karma, your answer may be your dharma, your teaching, if you allow it to be so. Forgive any other person or circumstance that has hurt you. From now on, set your intention to build a new life, walk straight without looking back, do as the rising sun every morning, no traces of the previous night. Sorry, let go of what causes you pain.

8. Thanks all you get

Zuzel Amelia - thanks all you get

When we live from love, we live grateful. He opened his eyes every morning, the first word I bring to my thinking is: “thank you .”

This word has a high vibration, and always generates welfare and who pronounces the recipient. Thank involves an act of appreciation for the gift of life received and others. If we are filled with gratitude light, its rays are increasingly numerous, because when we are able to see all the good we have, we discovered that the provision is infinite blessings.

Always give thanks, even when it seems like you have done something wrong, sooner or later you percatarás that treats you badly do you a favor, give you the opportunity to learn important lessons and experience the highest choice of your soul. Remember that nothing happens by chance, everything in the universe is connected.

9. Choose the action consistent with your highest truth and the essence of your being

Some time ago, a friend of this dear family of yoga is more, I wrote commenting that although she wanted to make changes in your life and break free from attachments that bound her to others, felt with responsibility for the welfare of them in their hands and he had the strong belief that acting from love is always trying to be compassionate toward others.

What happens is that under this principle, most of the time are more compassionate to others than ourselves.

If deep down you feel you’re self-inflicted suffering, I think you can try to tell these people the truth: that you feel hurt, frustrated, tied or any negative emotion is affecting you. Willingly seeks a path of action in which everyone can win, try to achieve that commitment to mutual aid.

If finally you can not find that situation win – win, then I invite you to think if you’re betraying your truth and your own love, so as not to betray or disappoint others of which you feel responsible. Seeks the conscious choice from a broader perspective involving your own welfare. The conscious choice, initially did not always match what is best for others, but I think that over time ends up being the best for everyone. If you’re not happy, these negative emotions are those that trasmites everyday people around you and therefore all are affected.

You can try to put you first, and this does not mean you’re selfish or insensitive to others, or not love them; on the contrary it means being aware of yourself, which is the only way to then have consciousness toward others.

Given the indecision about which way to remember that only you can know the choice that is consistent with your highest truth and the essence of your being.

If you want to learn to make decisions following the intuition of your heart, I invite you to read my article:

5 Signs to make wiser decisions following your heart


Dad hug
“Millions and millions of years still would not give me half enough to describe that little moment of eternity when you put your arms around my time and I put my arms around you.”

Jacques Prévert

Embraces have no side effects, are completely safe and ecological. Hugs not pollute, not imposed, and they are refundable????

We draw when we embrace love others. Hugs not require a particular environment as anywhere can give and receive a hug. This gives us the feeling that we are all part of something and thus improves the soul of the world.

It has been found that hugs relieve physical and emotional problems and strengthen the immune system.
Live from love is to release the fragrance of our being in every hug. [Retweet] We should not fear or receive a hug embrace. And if you feel embrace rejection, fear or discomfort, try to find the cause and release it . Hugs represent an inseparable symbol of love.

11. Recognizes and celebrates the merits of others

In this way we rediscover every day, I learned how important it is to recognize and celebrate the merits of others. Instead of envying the virtues and successes of the people around us, we recognize their merits from healthy admiration and we congratulate detail. That denotes humility, and creates an immediate empathy.

I’ve always believed that when we celebrate the triumphs and qualities of others, we also celebrate our own , and opened us the potential to improve and learn to emulate the good things of others . Do not let them conceited ego and recognizes all its inner and outer beauty on the other. Piropéalo, praise him, embrace him, hits the palm of your hand, do whatever necessary to reflect glad you all your accomplishments.

12. Open yourself to the magic of life

Open yourself to the magic of life

“No day is like another, every morning has a special miracle, its magic moment in which old universes are destroyed and new stars are created.”

Paulo Coelho

Live from Love is to find magic where others see chance. If you believe in magic we will have a magical and miraculous life, if we believe in life constraints prevail, we are imposing very real limits.

When you open yourself to the magic of life, you will happen wonderful, unexpected things. You will discover the ineffable in the details and learn that every time new opportunities to give and receive love are created.

13. Look into my eyes with love

When I meet someone for the first time, I looked straight into his eyes with a look not invasive, but with a look of encounter, looking for the spark that lights up.

Eye contact indicates that we are transparent, honest and communicative people. We have nothing to hide and we are in a position of equality with the other. In this way we establish a contact invites trust and open communication.

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They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so let your soul lovingly flowing through your eyes and into the eyes of others. If you go around the world with friendly look, certainly you do best friends.

14. Wake up every morning like NEWBORN

Most people say, live each day as if it were the last, I prefer to say: wake up every morning like a newborn.

This means that in every sunrise open eyes with wonder astonishment, as if you saw the world for the first time. It is becoming aware that every moment is unique, and therefore deserves our full attention and presence.

Let us smile at every moment, as you would a baby who contemplates her rapt mother, discovering it and admiring it . Every night hanging on a coat rack concerns yesterday and while trasmútalas sleep opportunities.

By morning, as soon as you put the first foot out of bed, she begins to see the world with your cleaner and clearer vision without painful traces of the past, without preconcibidos judgments. Plays with reality, as if everything is now back to you, and you’re happily exploring your surroundings, let yourself be surprised.

If you meet your partner, give him a kiss as the first one you gave when they fell in love. Try to imagine breakfast is the first time you taste something so delicious. To start your workday present them with all the love of your true vocation be performing the first day of your life.

So do everything, and see how when night, you’ll feel you’ve lived with intensity and passion all day. You’ve loved every moment as unique and you’ve let go, because tomorrow remember that you’ll never be a newborn????

15. Ask if you can work that you love. OR IF NOT, AT LEAST, love what you have to do

“Loving life through work, it is intimate with the innermost secret of life.” – Khalil Gibran

Approximately one third of our lives had to work, so that if we really intend to live from love, you need to love what we do in our professional activity.

Try to find what makes you vibrate, you are passionate about. Passion is the energy of your life, is total surrender to what you do. Libera within you what you are naturally prepared to do.

If you do not love what you do, if not now you’re having fun with your work, it will be unlikely to reach your ultimate realization.

Do you love your job or work at what you love?

My passion has to do with inspiring, with helping people recognize and express the boundless power that dwells within it, the best they have to offer to life.

Would you like to tune into your passion and your life purpose?

If so, I invite you to receive digital gift my book: “The 12 Pillars Search your passion and purpose.” 

28 Keys to Live from Love 5

16. Basa your relationships with others in a free love

Most human relationships, whether couples, friendship, parents, etc., are attachment relationships.

What does this mean?

Attachment relationships are relationships based on expectations, demands and preconceived ideas of how we want others. Attachment relationships do not really live for love, they live from fear.

It happens then that same joy and excitement when we find a friend or partner, is proportional to the fear and pain when running, or when you expect something from that person disappoints you.

This happens because we really fell in love with a projection of the other, of what we believe is not your authentic self. If you join another forward that is tied to you, that desire will generate jealousy and suffering by not responding to the free nature of love. Then you will live in insecurity, mistrust and with a sickening fear that all your dreams comes down in one fell swoop.

Insecure people do not find true happiness, because he lives fearing the risk of freedom. My biggest recommendation is that you capacites to love freely and joyously. This means loving the other as it is, without pretending to be an object of your property. Love him without desires, without attachment or conditions, without waiting selfishness you want exclusively to you. You will realize that in this way true love is born without limits.

What do you do when you’re enjoying a sunset at sea? Contemplate the horizon, delighting with its beautiful colors while the sun slowly fades before your eyes. You let it go, not looking for permanence, you understand that to arrive at night, and this will also bring renewed beauty.

When you realize the importance of releasing love, wake up and see reality as it is. Once I heard her say this phrase that I always remember: Only eternal which is based on free love.

17. Remember to feed your soul at least four or five times a day

Or more important to feed the body, it is to feed the soul. The soul feeds in infinite ways, all of which are linked to love.
Zuzel and squirrel

Some ways you can feed your soul:

  1. Meditate: Through meditation we touch with our inner selves and can channel a deep state of peace where you can listen to the voice of your soul.
  2. Pray: It is also a form of meditation that allows us to connect and feed our souls.
  3. Help others: With tip, a hug, a smile, giving him your time, giving your love.
  4. Contact with nature: You can hug a tree, listening to the sound of birds, petting an animal, etc. By embracing the trees we learn to see them and experience them as living beings who are, try to feel its energy, observe how you can get and give yours. Hear the beat of your heart resonates with the heartbeat of the tree.

18. Listen without defending yourself

Have a receptive attitude and openness. Listening is also receiving unpleasantness without losing his composure. If I have the feeling that your words lose control, surely I will defend, on the other hand, if I clear that I’m listening to is information that you give me to understand us better, I can assimilate it with thanks.

Become interested in the emotions of others, saying things like: “. I wonder how you feel about what I’m saying,” Pay close attention to your emotions when the express and when you hear the other’s emotions, it helps to find solutions to any conflict. Rather than assuming the impact of our words on the other person, the wisest thing is to ask. This way you’ll be opening the door to a more balanced communication between them.

19. Dialoga always from Love

When conflicts arise with other people, do not be carried away by anger or the desire to blame the other. Before reacting, breathe deeply, it is better to remain silent if we are heated by the situation, shouting things that we then feel remorseful.

Wait till you calm down, recover mastery of your emotions and remember that the best way to win an argument is not having it. Remember who you are, and who is the person that differences have arisen.

In any conflict, there is a response from Love, find it. This response invariably passes understanding, to assume our share of responsibility and be flexible.

Eliminates offensive and hurtful words from your vocabulary, they are only reactions of the wounded ego, not the feel of your authentic self. You can express what bothers you about the situation, talking about you, not what you do or have to do the other. Use a clear, honest and concrete language, without recrimination or prosecute.

When you act for the answer you give love, anger on the other side you will not find an opponent against whom to fight. You can not fight what is flexible, transparent and pure.

20. Become one with everything you do

Turn your life into a meditation, performs each action totally, enjoying fully. You do not have to do anything extraordinary to experience this feeling of unity. Find the beauty in the simplest things in life. You can be cooking, washing dishes, making the bed, fixing something that is broken, writing a letter to an old friend, and not be willing to do anything but what you’re doing at that moment. Do not forget that the most important thing is not what we do but how we do it.

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You can do everything loving, understanding that you and her are inseparable parts of the same wonderful experience of living. The best gift you can make is to take everything for what it is, without a thought of reward or recognition, appreciating the simple pleasure of doing it.

21. Go where you most need

Liane with my friends and Gabriel, in good times and bad

I always ask God to guide me to where it is most needed. I’m glad I could accompany good friends and loved ones when they needed me most, being able to embrace them in the hardest moments. Sometimes we can not even imagine the immeasurable value that can have a warm hug, a word of encouragement, or just silent and loving companionship, for someone in your darkest hour. In those moments we have the chance to become one with the other, illuminating it with our compassion. Love heals and restores, where nothing else has worked.

22. Help others to flourish with you

Love tree

If you find the path to happiness and inner peace, help others to flourish with you.
You’re not a lone tree has blossomed into a desert. You are in a forest where live many other trees. If all the forest blooms with you, your happiness will multiply, garnering the love you have sown.

Contributes generously to others achieve the same beauty, the same height and splendor that you have reached.
28 Keys to Live from Love 5

23. LOVE without asking IF will thank

Love without asking if we appreciate it. Genuine love is because it feels, because he lives within us and needs to be delivered. You can be sure that eventually, love brings fruit, even if they arrive in other hands than even we expected.

24. Let circulate freely love energy

the power of love

“Freedom only exists when love exists. Who is fully delivered, who feels free, he loves the most. And he loves the most, feel free. But in love, each of us is responsible for what he feels and can not blame the other for that. Nobody loses anybody, because nobody owns anybody. And this is the true experience of freedom. Have not possess. “

Paulo Coelho

Nothing and nobody belongs to us, the power of love is free, trying to catch the wind is trying caging.

Live love from an experience of freedom, flowing with it, do not cling to it.
Perceived that love is a force that dwells within us and outside, falling in love is to share that strength, expanding without take possession of it, nor seek to mark its course.

25. Do not judge, put yourself in the other

In our journey through life, with high probability, we find many people who do not always treat us as we hope, and give us what we deserve, however, we can decide to look at them with binoculars understanding and acceptance, without aspiring to change them.

This does not make us blind and deaf, if we can contribute to its improvement, it is our duty to do so; but without forgetting that everyone has their own pace and level of consciousness and sometimes the best we can do for someone is to let go their own way.

I think that despite all the injustices, disappointments and hurts others cause us, despite feel powerless to change, we must be able to put ourselves in the place of another, without judging.

I once read that those we love and those who hate are our own reflection. That you believe?

26. Look at the soul, there you will find the truth of who you are

Look at the soul

In this photo I am with a brave Algerian woman who has always tried to break down the barriers limiting their culture and fight for their freedom. Affectionately call her mother Fatima, because since we met treated me with love and understanding of a mother to her daughter.

Our background, culture, religion, race, economic status, profession, sexual orientation, are mere identifiers that label features from us, but do not say who we really are.

You are what you choose to be, you’re even what you aspire to be and create. What is really important is not the labels and packaging we use, but what is inside, the essence that moves us and drives us to sculpt the best version of ourselves.

Look at the soul, yours and that of others, there you will find the truth of who you are. Once you learn to look out for in the soul, you’ll be compassionate and supportive to everyone, regardless of their identities.

27. Learn to separate with Love

We learn to separnos with love

The terrain of relationships is sometimes complex.
Two people can love each other, but not be able to be together, two people can love each other, but arrived a moment of their lives, they can choose to follow different paths.

Same as we relate to love, we must also learn to separate ourselves with love. If a relationship is over, that does not mean that love should also end. You can have that feeling, expressed in the form of gratitude and happiness for all the good and beautiful that other person allowed you to experience, receive and deliver.

They say that passion is just that infatuation days are numbered, that where the fire was, ashes remain, however, where there was true love, will always be something special in the heart, bathed by the grace feeling of what one day fate brought.

Let us remember that love is to understand the other person, is to accept it as it is, and therefore we must also accept their choices. There is something in what I believe, and that basically do not separate us, since we are all one, and someday return to that unit from which we all come. It is not necessary that we cling to anyone.

We understand the ways that sometimes converge and sometimes diverge. Let us assume that each must climb their own mountains and meet in their silences and solitude. I believe that love does not disappear but is transformed. Therefore, if you break up with someone, you can choose consciously continue to love that person, now in a different way, each passing his own path released.

28. Da time to time, realizing fruits ripen slowly

To reap the seeds you have sown, time will have to do their job. Love reconciles us with life, even on those occasions when you think it has been “love” you who has broken into pieces. The love of which I speak, what emanates from your own soul, it’s your nature and give you strength to get up despite the sorrows and pains with you snared. But you have to let hovering over time, heal wounds, restoring and harmonizing your whole being.

Do not think that love has left you, that’s impossible, you who you separate yourself from it, when you forget who you really are.

Only from the perspective of time, we can reassemble the scattered pieces and learn the lesson. Do not despair, love fruits ripen slowly.

This is my personal story, love has many routes and mysteries, do not ask you to believe me, just I ask you to experience for yourself. Live from love and for love, it opens doors to horizons magical than we could ever imagine.

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