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What are some good yoga exercises for the face and neck?

What are some good yoga exercises for the face and neck? 1

8 exercises to rejuvenate the face

Facial gymnastics is the starting point to maintain the muscles of the face in good condition. You just need to spend a few minutes a day to notice how wrinkles diminish and the vitality of your face increases.

In addition, by stimulating blood circulation, we will be giving our skin that extra nutrition that we are losing with the passage of time. Do you need more reasons to start your routine? Cheer up! We show you how.

Facial gym routine

1. To warm up engines! As in any exercise routine, before starting it is important to warm and relax the muscles of the face, neck and shoulders. For this we will perform a small massage in these parts hitting with the fingertips.

2. A movie chin. Sitting in front of a table, place one arm on top of her horizontally and the other vertically. Close your hand in a fist and place it under the chin by force with the chin against the fist. Hold the pressure for 6 seconds and then relax.



3. Say no to the double chin. With a towel rolled and placed under the chin, raise the jaw up and slide the towel under the jaw. Hold the tension for 6 seconds and then relax.

4. Checked cheekbones. Swell your cheeks with air, tap gently with your fingertips on them and breathe gently.

5. No more bags! Create the shape of a pair of glasses with your thumbs and indexes and place it on the contour of the eyes tensing the skin above and below the area. Keep this tension and blink 10 to 20 times.

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6. Say goodbye to crow’s feet. Place your fingers on the temples and try to get them to the top of the ears. Open the mouth and move the jaw from front to back. Hold the tension for 6 seconds and then relax.

7. Smooth front. Place the fingers of both hands on the forehead so that the palm is in contact with it and the tips of the fingers touch. Push up and feel the eyebrows, eyelids and forehead muscles tense. Hold this tension for 6 to 10 seconds and then relax.

8. Relax. Place the fingertips on the bones of the lower jaw making a very gentle pressure on the area and making circular movements. Massage all over the face including the nape area. And, you have already finished your routine successfully!

But facial gymnastics not only provides aesthetic benefits, it also alleviates certain problems such as facial paralysis, difficulty in speech, articulatory problems or retractable scars. That is why some medical and aesthetic centers, such as the Institut Vila-Rovira in Barcelona, ​​have developed their own facial training systems with the help of a device called Gymface, which helps us in the execution of these exercises.

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