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What is secular meditation?

What is secular meditation? 3

Secular meditation – even outside of any belief, it is good to meditate

Meditation is not restricted to snags of Western religions or philosophies. It is still very beneficial to meditate without having any belief or faith. The effects are quite tangible to those who are not involved in any spiritual process, because one does not have to be a Buddhist or Zen enthusiast to enjoy meditation.

What is secular meditation? 4


Secular meditation

How to meditate as well?

To Zen meditators, to Buddhist meditators , to all those who are in a spiritual or religious, the advice to meditate well do not miss. But for the layman who is free from all philosophical research, meditation often remains an esoteric, mysticist step. It is a classic but erroneous vision, totally different from meditation as it is when it transcends differences in practices.

secular meditation

To meditate in a secular way, there is no need to immerse yourself in any philosophy, to immerse yourself in the rules of life of any religion. Just give yourself a little peace and a little time. So you can meditate, that’s all, and that’s how all the meditators around the world practice, since the beginning of meditation. Specifically, sit comfortably, on a chair, in an armchair, on a meditation cushion, on the floor, on a blanket … in short, where you want it. Posture is important only in the way it will allow your body to relax. So keep your back straight enough, without stiffness, by pulling the top of the skull very slightly upwards. Close your eyes, and let the thoughts pass. Do not try to do anything to stop them, you can not, watch them go, that’s all. When you have managed to extricate yourself from the flow of thoughts, you will reach a salutary calm. You will see that there is no need to constantly run faster, it is good to observe downtime to take stock of the journey we have traveled, the situation that the We live on the experiences we have known, and so on. So many lessons accessible without the slightest belief.

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You can also meditate by focusing on the impressions that a particular object awakens in you such as a glass of water, a fruit, a simple action like eating . By focusing on these seemingly simple things, you will soon discover that they are not as simple as you think and that you can benefit enormously.

What benefits do you expect from secular meditation?

Secular meditation will allow you to discover that the world around you is much richer than you think. You will also see how you are closed to your environment. If you make the effort to discover the causes of this closure, you will be able to learn a lot about yourself, how your experiences influenced you and the strategies you put in place to cope. By meditating regularly you will find that you will quickly reach a lower level of stress, of excitement. You will feel a little like an alcoholic in weaning, you will find the contact with reality, you will feel at first a little empty. Make it a source of joy, since you can fill yourself with what the world has to offer. That is you who fix it, it is you who decide it now, because you know better your functioning and that you have analyzed it yourself, that you put words or concepts belonging to you on what you have discovered, leaving no one to interfere in what makes your personality.

The secular meditation is an inexhaustible source of discovery. The more you meditate, the more you will discover, and as you make these discoveries, you will be better able to move forward and make new discoveries. No need to believe in anything, no need to take an interest in philosophy to get to know each other better. By subjecting your body to a lesser stress load, you also give it energy, leave it in better condition, and you will also enjoy it without the need to adhere to any faith whatsoever.

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