Mind Control: The Power of Putting it in Paper

Mental Control: The power of Putting it in Paper 3

Article written by Julio Rico member of the Writers Program Silva Method
Silva method to be happier at home

Meditation should be something to make your life better, learn to meditate can be one of the skills or most important tools you can acquire in the course of your life , relax your body, relax your mind, focus your mind on a clear purpose defined and can make you start to do more, much more than today think is possible.

There are many ways to learn to meditate, the Silva Method is a great way to start practicing and getting results.

I put it on paper, put it in your life

If you learn to meditate is something that can change your life, put your goals into paper can make your life go better.

The main difference between men and women who achieve great things and those who do not achieve anything, or that have modest results, is basically the use that gave her mind, beliefs, expectations, the efforts made to achieve reach where are you.

Very few successful men attribute their success to the genes, inheritance, luck, to have greater advantages than any other person, in fact most people who achieve outstanding results, attribute more success to his ability to make decisions and to work, than any other factor.

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One notable difference is the ability to clarify your goals, write them down, then divide them into logical, sequential steps achievable and finally put the effort needed to achieve those goals one to one. If you do this, you’re doing one of the things that make the most successful people, from there clearly need skills, practice, effort, dedication, but all part of a decision.

Once you make a decision, for example lose weight, you must write it on paper, your degree of effectiveness will increase dramatically, just by doing something as simple as putting it on paper, then make an action plan, for example, sees the dietician, sign up to the gym finally do the necessary activity for the time necessary to achieve your mind, for example lose excess weight and achieve the size you’ve always wanted.

Ask yourself…

Now an important consideration in your way to success in achieving each of your goals you sincerely propose is the following Do you really want? You really is something valuable for me? I want to achieve Does this have some valuable meaning for me? For my family, my children, my group? Etc.

Now that you have decided to achieve something and you think it is valuable and meaningful to you, I recommend you put it in writing, in a visible place, Accompany pictures, newspaper clippings, photographs, give your brain a clear picture of what you want and surely achieve your brain certainly will help you achieve what you set out.

Many problems of life, sadness, depression, emptiness, loneliness can be overcome, even overcome completely and give a new twist to your life, when you engage in activities, objectives, new and valuable where you help and you contribute to help others humans.

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Want more power?

Your answer to this question was surely know few people -Si- who prefer weakness rather than strength, well, now after you have a clear goal and that Hallas put on paper, if the accompany of meditation techniques and mind, such as those taught in the Silva Method, the mirror of the mind, control of dreams, the technique of glass of water, programming your results will be remarkable.

You want to achieve more?

If you want to achieve more seriously then I invite you, to learn the tools that will make your life better, one of them is to write your goals on paper, one of them is to learn to meditate.