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How can I improve my mental power?

How can I improve my mental power? 3

How to increase your mental visualization ability with meditation?

mental visualization


A better faculty of mental visualization will help you in your everyday life

To see oneself think, to take a position of observer, to look at one’s thoughts, to advance in oneself, to empty oneself, to discover the modes of functioning of one’s mind, to visualize images, specific situations to get away from stress , all this sometimes seems well abstract, difficult to apply especially. The mental visualization as many practices, takes practice, and you will see, as you work, impressive results and show you that your efforts were worth being made.

Mental visualization

Put pictures on abstract concepts

Many of the concepts used in meditation remain difficult to grasp for those unfamiliar with Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Tibetan, and other philosophies. Therefore, to find these concepts during the meditation, to use them and to apprehend them is difficult. It is feared to fall by the wayside, to pass close without realizing it, to be unable to reach them, only to catch a glimpse of them.

To remedy this, there is a simple solution: to put images on these concepts, using allegories . Feel free to put your own images on what seems obscure to you. For this, you will need to learn, take some information here or there and cross-check them to define a general aspect to which you can associate an image. This way, you will be able to more easily access the concepts that interest you and visualize them. Be careful, however, not to fall into the contemplation of the image for the image, not to confuse the allegory and what it must represent. It is only a means of access, not an end in itself.

Work your eyes and your faculty to see

To put images effectively on the concepts, it is still necessary to be able to visualize them . It is also working in a more concrete way.

Regularly, take the time to observe an object of your everyday life, and to get rid of it, to see it as if you did not know it. Watch it for a few tens of seconds and close your eyes. Try, then, to reconstruct it by the mind, to restore the main aspects, the exact color and form, the material, the shadow, the details. It’s a lot harder than you think. But the work is always paying.

By exercising, you will learn to truly see what is around you . Since it is possible to learn how to focus one’s attention, one can learn to exercise one’s gaze to make it more piercing. By working in this way, you will learn not to see. Everything will take another dimension, and you will enrich your imagination. You will then have access to many more images, more nuances, details, colors and your mental visualizations will only be richer. Free to refine them, to detail them precisely, to give them more consistency.

How can I improve my mental power? 4

Visualization when you meditate

When you are in full meditation, you will need to consciously bring details to the images you will be contemplating. You will have to fix them slowly, one by one, so as not to lose them en route, so that they do not replace each other, do not mix either. Every detail should have a meaning, a function in your image.

Conversely, if you observe images of your past, of your present, of the worries, of the situations you want to analyze, do not add anything, but know how to discern each fold , each shadow zone, the smallest of details by looking at them for what they are, not for what you would like them to be. It is by working on the concrete that you will have the necessary tools for the abstract, because the first is the most accessible at first, and you have to start with objectives within your reach.

The mental visualization thus goes through a phase of work on the gaze. It is in working it that one can then better observe one’s mind, one’s thoughts, etc. It’s a long, difficult but always rewarding process. Like all the senses, the look is working.

By exercising one’s hearing, one becomes able to discern many nuances of play among the greatest virtuosos, nuances that one can then imagine at leisure to find the pleasure whenever it is desired. It is the same with the taste and the most refined dishes , the smell is the most delicate perfumes, which can be found without the slightest concrete stimulation. Why would the look be an exception? You are already able to replay on the screen of your consciousness your favorite movie scenes, the highlights of your past, etc. Work, and you will come to more .

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