The yoga of the eyes, what is it?

The yoga of the eyes was developed by an American ophthalmologist, Dr. William Bates (1860-1931). The latter was convinced that he could improve various eye disorders by combining mental relaxation exercises and eye exercises …

Will yoga improve eyesight? 4


Nowadays, the benefits of eye yoga on visual acuity have not yet been scientifically proven, although many testimonials have supported its effectiveness for several years.

The most famous of them is certainly that of the writer Aldous Huxley (The Brave New World): in his essay of 1942, The art of seeing, he pays homage to the Bates method which would have allowed him to improve greatly his vision (Aldous Huxley became virtually blind at the age of 16 after severe inflammation of the cornea).

What vision problems can be improved and in how long with eye yoga?

The yoga of the eyes and its various variants (example: Xanath Lichy’s ” See clear ” method) are often used to fight eye strain , which is more and more common in our society, especially in people working in front of a computer screen .

Eye yoga could also be useful against dry eye .

Then there is the delicate case of eye disorders: in practice, many people claim to have seen an improvement in their vision in case of myopia, presbyopia or astigmatism.

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When it comes to simply “relax the eye”, results can be seen fairly quickly (about 4-5 exercise sessions). On the other hand, for a larger eye disorder, it often takes several months of regular practice (six months on average) to notice an improvement, according to the testimonials.

To see better without glasses when one has spent most of one’s life wearing “binocles” seems impossible. However, Xanath Lichy, initiator of the method ” See clear “, is convinced of the opposite. “I had a big myopia and glasses for thirty years. I have not needed it for twelve years. By rehabilitating my eyes with simple exercises recommended by the Bates method , an American ophthalmologist , I got rid of my 80% myopia and 100% astigmatism . “The yoga of the eyes is to perform visual exercisesten to fifteen minutes a day. The relaxed and well-irrigated eye improves its abilities dramatically. A method that requires a lot of regularity.

4 yoga exercises of the eyes 

your eyes Place your hull-shaped palms on your closed eyes for 1 min. The fingers are joined and do not let the light through. It is the combination of heat and darkness that helps to relax the eyes and regenerate them.
Practice: several times a day.

Relieving tired eyes
Fix your index finger as close to the nose as possible, while trying to keep the sharpness. Without ever stopping your forefinger, move it away as far as your arm allows. Then bring it back to your nose while continuing to fix it. Repeat 25 times in a row, as slowly as possible.
Practice: 3 times a day. And up to once every hour during hard work on the computer. With his glasses if we have them.

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Improve myopia
With the head still, write with your eyes open the letters of the alphabet, in upper or lower case. Do not look for all the alphabet at once, 5 to 10 letters are enough to start. Break up the pauses exercise.
Practice: 5 to 15 minutes a day.

Prevent Presbyopia
Take a book and read 1 or 2 pages. Not the printed lines, but the white lines between the lines of text.
Practice: 5 to 15 minutes a day. After a week, you will find that reading is easier.

2 tips to complete the yoga of the eyes

– Do not forget vitamins A, C and E. To give you an eye of lynx, do not hesitate to make cures of blueberry juice, and that several times in the year.

– Also think about … “blink” sessions, which stimulate the tear glands and reduce irritation.