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How should I meditate to increase my concentration and focus?

How should I meditate to increase my concentration and focus? 3

Are you worried about your memory? Do you need to improve concentration, because you’re half off? Do you live forgetting where you put your cell phone, wallet or keys? Did you forget what you were talking about right now or the name of that movie? Know that everyone goes through situations like this and that often lack of memory and concentration are related.

With me there is always a classic: I arrive at home and often I am not concentrated living fully the present moment. So I’m thinking of other things and I keep the keys somewhere I did not pay attention to. The other day … where are the keys? Yeah … I forgot … that’s lack of attention, concentration and memory too.

In this article, I’ll show you how to avoid these little problems, as well as improving concentration for study, for work, or simply to read that book you both want to read, but you can not concentrate. And also, improve memory and thereby gain time and quality of life.

You will see scientific articles that prove how a simple tool, Yoga, can improve your concentration and your memory with good results. You will know simple techniques practiced all over the world for thousands of years. And in the end, I’ll give you other tips (which have nothing to do with Yoga) but that will help you even more.

If you are enjoying this article, keep reading because there is a lot of good stuff out there!


The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali teaches us that Yoga is the suppression of the waves of the mind, that is, through practice it calms that whirl of thoughts, leaving the mind stable, attentive and linear. So this practice is so effective at improving concentration.

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Let’s see now what the academic community is talking about the subject?

# 1 Wayne State University, Detroit, United States of America.

In this study, 30 female students were selected, who underwent 20 minutes of Yoga and meditation practice and 20 minutes of aerobic exercises. The results obtained were:

  • After the practice of Yoga the participants were more calm and relaxed and after 20 minutes of aerobic exercise they showed signs of physical and mental fatigue;
  • By stimulating bodily awareness and breath control, Yoga has increased the power of concentration;
  • A higher brain performance was observed at the end of the practices of Yoga.

# 2 University Wisconsin-Madison, United States of America.

The electroencephalographic activity of individuals who meditated daily was observed and compared with a control group of occasional meditators, by researchers of this University. It was observed that people who meditated daily had broad mental waves known as gamma mental waves, high concentration and increased neuronal activity.

How should I meditate to increase my concentration and focus? 4


# 3 Researchers at Harvard, Yale and MIT.

After scans of the brain in several researches, these scholars concluded that the areas of the brain responsible for memory and attention become denser when meditating.

# 4 Bernardo Valadares State School of Vasconsellos, in Sete Lagoas (MG).

The school started to implement the meditation or the Time of Silence among its students, and with that got excellent results in their performance.


Dharma Singh Khalsa, author of Longevity of the Brain (Editora Objetiva), president and director of the medical department of the Alzheimer’s Prevention and Research Foundation says:

 “15 years ago, there were 4 million people with Alzheimer’s, now there are 5.2 million, and this number is rising more and more rapidly. I believe that stress and lifestyle are the main causes. We’re already scared. There is so much stress and pressure in our society that it is creating an epidemic of memory loss. “

So let’s see what are the Yoga techniques that will help improve concentration and your memory?

# 1 Meditation

To meditate, you first need to know how to concentrate. The last part of the Yoga practice (called Samyama) is composed of dharana, dhyana and samadhi. Translating from Sanskrit: concentration, meditation, and expansion of consciousness. You reach these different degrees as if you were climbing a ladder.

First, you rest your mind on the object of concentration, then go into meditation, then expand your consciousness and reach the goal of Yoga. To learn more about meditation, visit this Free Meditation Guide that I have prepared for you.

# 2 Breathing exercises (pranayamas)

Through breathing control and breathing rhythms, the practitioner can improve his concentration, as well as other benefits such as: increase lung capacity, increase the disposition and energy, oxygenate organ and tissues.

If you still do not know how to breathe properly, I recommend you read this article on How to Breathe Right and Transform Your Life .

# 3 Sequence sequences

Flowing posture sequences help greatly in improving concentration. By repeating the sequence, the practitioner experiences a meditative state. With this, it calms the mind and stabilizes the mental waves.

Greeting in the sun is an example of a fluid sequence that can help you improve your concentration. To learn how to greet the sun, click here .


Leaving a little bit of the Yoga Universe, I selected some tips for you to improve your concentration and memory at other times of the day:

  • Drink juice with beets. It stimulates circulation and metabolism, improving concentration;
  • Increase the consumption of foods rich in Omega 3;
  • Always keep a notepad close by;
  • Decrease the use of smartphones, notebooks, social networks, etc;
  • Eat a bit bitter or bitter chocolate at least once a week (I love that!);
  • Make lists;
  • Divide large tasks into small pieces.


Do not let the rush of everyday life and the innumerable external stimuli to which you are exposed wipe out your concentration and memory. Learn to respect the limits of your mind and take breaks. Practice Yoga, meditation, make lists, take notes, be more organized. That way, you will ensure your mental health.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and have concentrated until the end!

Now tell me what you already do to help your concentration and memory?

I await your comment.

A big hug.

To the next.


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