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What are the best yoga exercises for the brain?

What are the best yoga exercises for the brain? 3

Yoga for stimulating the brain or how to increase brain activity with exercises

We at UDuba were are extremely interested in the fact that apart from the usual training for intellectual development – puzzles and logical tasks, solving logarithmic equations and remembering new information – there are physical exercises with which you can increase brain activity. This is important not only to ordinary people, but also suffering from such diseases as Down’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, autism.

One such exercise is offered by famous yogis – masters of meditation. As they say, it is enough to perform this technique for a few minutes a day to stimulate the brain.

So, what should I do?

1. After waking up in the morning prepare yourself for yoga – take off the jewelry, put on comfortable clothes, do a little workout. If you have the time, take a few minutes to clear the mind and meditation, relax, feel the energy of the awakening world.

What are the best yoga exercises for the brain? 4


2. Get up in the starting position – straighten out, put your feet to the width of your shoulders, feel the hardness of the surface on which you stand, as if you “grow” into the ground.

3. Place and hold the tongue on the surface of the palate immediately behind the upper teeth (in the position that is used to pronounce the sound “l”).

4. Take the lobes of your right ear with the fingers of your left hand, and the right lobe of the left ear. The front should be a thumb, and the left hand should be closer to the chest. The arms are crossed in this position.

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5. Hold this position (squeezing the lobes of the ears and holding the tongue on the palate), do a deep squat, while slowly inhaling air through the nose. When the knees are fully bent, hold for a second in this position, not breathing, and then start to slowly rise while breathing out the air.

6. Repeat the exercise for several minutes.

Remember that it is very important to observe the right technique. Do not rush and do everything slowly, control every movement, every inhale and exhalation.

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