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Which book is best to read for yoga beginners?

Which book is best to read for yoga beginners? 3

The 7 spiritual laws of yoga

Deepak Chopra is a very famous author. In his book, the seven spiritual laws of yoga, he helps us with stressed methods to combat stress and stiffness. Yoga has become very popular and more and more people are doing it.

In his book he wants to approach the spiritual dimension more. The book has three parts. The first part is the philosophical part of the book with the seven spiritual laws. The second part is about breathing and meditation. The last part is about practicing yoga and the sessions you can do.

Yoga Nidra

The book shows you very effective techniques to maximize your relaxation in just half an hour. It provides a relaxation on an emotional, mental and physical level. With the Yoga Nidra, the body and spirit of half-sleep go to relaxation and back again. The consciousness, however, remains completely awake. Body and mind can let go of blockades and break through. Especially in challenges and in stressful situations it is good to do these exercises. They help you focus and give you energy. Half an hour is enough. According to the author, half an hour of Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of three hours of deep sleep. It also helps with the healing process of specific health problems ( sleeping problems , chronic pain, migraine, asthma, burn-out and headache).

Workbook chakra yoga

The workbook chakra yoga helps you to practice yoga in combination with your chakras. It helps you to receive energy in a subtle way through proper meditation, breathing and posture.

Which book is best to read for yoga beginners? 4


The first chapter explains how chakra yoga works and what it is. Also the seven chakras are discussed in the first chapters. After this there are some simple meditations and later the physical yoga exercises at the end.

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The yoga sutras of Patanjali

IK Taimni has written this book about the yoga sutras of Patanjali. It is a good basis for classical yoga. The riddles of yoga are explained. The state of meditation, preparatory exercises, higher psychic powers and the state of spiritual liberation are discussed in the book.

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