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A few days ago I met a lovely woman’s eyes lit up when I said I was teaching yoga: My dream for years! – he told me. Just after a few seconds of happiness, he dropped wings heart as I commented, “It’s that I can not practice yoga, you do not see that I’m overweight.”

That’s when I told him that no matter the size of your body and learn to enjoy a full yoga practice, let alone that yoga should become a part of your life.

And I told you some reasons why yoga is ideal for overweight people. Here are 10 of those reasons that I shared with her.

10 Reasons why yoga is ideal for overweight people

yoga for overweight people
Yoga for overweight people

1. Yoga is for everyone

Yoga is a stimulating and healing practice that everyone can play, no matter what size pants you wear for practice.

2. Your body is full of untapped potential

Yoga can help you feel good about your body and appreciate all you can do, which is often more than you think. With regular practice you gain in flexibility, endurance and strength.

3. Thou shalt love the body you have now

Yoga will help you love your body as you are now, no matter how you want or how society wants you to be. You accept yourself as you are, and once you go through this process of acceptance, be ready to take steps to act on your own desires from love rather than fear.

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4. No position is off limits

Any yoga position can be accessible to larger bodies with the help of accessories and individual modifications. Make your own practice and design a routine that you find safe and enjoy. A yoga teacher can help in this.

5. You can profit in just 15 minutes

Introduce yoga in your everyday life does not have to be a long time commitment. In just 15 minutes a day, yoga can help focus your mind, improve your mood and strengthen your body.

6. Yoga is therapeutic

Yoga is an excellent way to relieve the stress caused by overwork muscles and strained joints. The practice of yoga will help you get rid of your everyday aches and pains.

7. you Do not have to practice alone

Yoga is a rewarding individual practice, but it can also be very rewarding to flow and grow with your fellow yogis. Find a group of inspiring people and share your practice with them.

8. It is safe and satisfactory

Some yoga centers offer classes specifically for overweight people. However a good yoga instructor will ensure that every student’s experience as pleasant and safe as possible.

9. Yoga offers a new beginning

Yoga can help you make new goals and set new intentions in your life. Keep a journal to reflect on your purpose for practice and track your progress.

10. Regular physical activity can improve your health and fitness

But yoga, in particular, provides a sense of well-being that can not be measured in calories. Starts breathing and stretching your limits to a healthier life, then start now!

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And then … Do you dare to practice yoga, even with overweight? I’d love to leave me your opinion or your experience in the comments!