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Perhaps for travel that make our back resent the hours of train, plane or car … Or maybe the stress accumulated time to finish the project at work before leaving on vacation. Perhaps poor posture we adopt when sitting so many hours on the computer. Or maybe the cause is deeper and has to do with your feelings. Whatever the reason it hurts your back, today I share with you these postures that will help relieve back pain, strengthen and stretch the spine.

Postures bending backwards

The positions of bending backwards overall stretch and revitalize all previous body muscles and exert a deep massage on the lumbar region, improving the functioning of the adrenals and kidneys. In addition, tone and they strengthen the chest and abdominal muscles. Also enhance brain function, activate the respiratory muscles, promote thyroid gland, prevent asthma and stress.

emotional cause of back pain

I always like to dig a little deep for me, the reason for this malaise. If you also want to analyze yourself, here I leave the possible emotional causes of back pain, according to Lisa Bourbeau shares in the book “Obey your body”:

The person who hurts the lower back, ie, the sacral region, is one for whom freedom is sacred, and fear losing their freedom of movement when others need your help. It is often a person who fears for its survival. Pain of the fifth lumbar dorsal to the eleventh (low back waist) is related to fear of shortage and material insecurity. In fact, as the back is the mainstay of the human body, any pain in it is related to not feeling well sustained. The lower part is associated with the area of ​​”having”. For example: having material goods, money, a spouse, a house, children, a good job, titles, etc. The pain in this place means that the person needs to feel supported, but does not dare to acknowledge or admit it to others. He takes all over his back, because he wants to do everything herself. It is very active in the physical realm, since their fear of shortage is particularly evident in the material level, for it represents a good support. On the other hand, it has trouble asking for help from others, and when he finally decides to ask and do not receive it, it feels even more immobilized and back pain worsens The person with pain in the upper back, is ie the tenth to the cervical spine (from waist to neck), suffers from emotional insecurity. He is a person for whom “doing” is very important because that’s what gives you security. When someone does something she feels loved. On the other hand, he expresses love for others doing things for them. Similarly, the back can hurt enough to provide an excuse for not doing everything, because he fears that if too, no longer help. Expect a lot of others, and when their expectations are not met, the impression of supporting a heavy load. As labor costs “do” their demands, when he does it feel immobilized if the other does not respond to them. Then the pain worsens. This pain may also occur in a person who feels too guarded in what he does.

Yoga poses bending backwards

My recommendation, as always, is to listen to your body and make the right effort. Remains about 5 breaths in each position, and at the end of each rests on one of the positions that you propose at the end of the article. Feel the effects of each posture in your body, and be aware of your breath.

The Dhanurasana arch-
Bow – Dhanurasana
The fish - Matsyasana
The fish – Matsyasana
Grasshopper Pose - Salabhasana
Grasshopper Pose – Salabhasana
Urdhva svanasana mukha - Upward dog
Urdhva svanasana mukha – Upward dog

We also comes in handy twist perform some posture

Supta Matsyendrasana-torsion easy spine
Supta Matsyendrasana torsion dorsal spine easy

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A sequence of yoga postures for back pain - MindYoga4U 9

Postures rest

You can choose any of these positions to perform between each of the above positions. Will allow you to become aware of the effect of forward bending postures in your body and breathe consciously, resting for a few breaths.

The Balasana child-
The child – Balasana
Knees to chest - Apanasana
Knees to chest – Apanasana
The corpse - Savasana
The corpse – Savasana

To end

At the end you can rest 5 to 10 minutes in the posture Savasana, focusing your attention on your breath and consciously relaxing your whole body. Enjoy every breath … … every exhalation and also enjoys the pleasant feeling of relaxation and peace you feel after your practice.

Furthermore, if you can spare a
few minutes to do some breathing exercise and meditate, then take advantage of them too.

A hug of light for you,



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