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Children’s Yoga

Yogafor children – is a set of yoga exercises, which promotes normal physical and mental development of the child’s body. The main objective of yoga for kids – improve their health and develop a child’s attentive and respectful attitude to your body. Children’s yoga helps develop coordination, physical endurance, flexibility and strength. Asanas or “yoga posture” systematically strengthen all muscles of the body, without exception, making them flexible, develop joint mobility. A very important feature of these exercises – a strengthening of the internal organs of a child, as a consequence of the improvement of the protective properties of the body and of the gastrointestinal tract, increase resistance to infectious diseases. Yoga helps the formation of correct posture, as strengthens the muscle corset. In addition, children who are overweight and do not have the ability or desire to actively move, a set of yoga asanas will be an excellent tool in the fight for harmony.

Yoga classes for children are usually held in the form of a game.
The instructor is trying to take over the child’s imagination with the help of a fairy tale. Children like to copy the behavior of animals, so they are happy to repeat the asana “frog” or “muzzle the dog down.” training program on children’s yoga usually includes:

  • familiarity with the body’s abilities,

  • education meaningful relationship to their own health,

  • forming a correct posture,

  • exercises for body flexibility and muscle strength,

  • development of coordination and plastic body movements,

  • Game-training for the acquisition of communication skills, observation, attention, imagination, activity.

Who can practice baby yoga: all children, unrestricted mobility, since the age of three.
Children’s yoga exercises are the same as for adults, but matched for age, because matters of individual asanas impact on hormones. There are also yoga techniques for the youngest – “baby yoga”, that technique is closer to a massage or a “compulsory gymnastics” than yoga.

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Books for reading

  • Children Yogavillya.
    Hatha Yoga for children, by children! (Translated by Alexander Ochapovsky)

  • Mikhail Palatnik “Easy Yoga for Children”


Video. Children’s yoga



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