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Iyengar yoga method has been developed on the basis of classical Hatha Yoga was named after the founder of BKS Iyengar, the modern master, who lives in India (Pune).
BKS Iyengar suggested and successfully proved that calm the mind is possible by creating a space in the body, proper stretching of various body parts. With many years of experience and knowing from personal experience the therapeutic effect of yoga, Iyengar has created a coherent system of physical development of man, which was moved to the West in the 60s of the last century and is specially adapted for the Europeans.

This method uses the exact construction of postures and breathing techniques to harmonize the body and mind.
Asana performed for a long time, and the transition to the next takes place slowly and smoothly. Classes begin this method with simple asanas, which gradually become more complex. A characteristic feature of the method is static asanas with the necessary supports. In schools, Iyengar yoga is practiced the use of auxiliary materials: blankets, chairs, bricks, belts and so on. With this yoga Iyengar available to anyone, regardless of age and health. Auxiliary materials help to fully relax, do not feel pain, and immerse your mind in the body. Time asanas fixation is gradually increasing, and the practice is easier to penetrate the consciousness of each part of the body and be aware of internal movement. The therapeutic effect of asanas there is increased. In Iyengar yoga schools usually alternate sessions on standing postures, slopes, deflections, balance and twisting. Much attention is also paid to the inverted postures.

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Another characteristic feature of the method is detailed, the detailed explanation of each posture and approach to each individual practitioner.
The Iyengar method of yoga a special place reserved for women.
Yoga and exercise for women adapted to accommodate the features of the female body and nature. Therefore, Iyengar yoga can be practiced during menstruation and pregnancy, but in a separate women’s program. Yoga for women Iyengar developed with the help of his closest assistant and successor – the Geeta Iyengar.

Who can practice yoga Iyengar : Iyengar yoga accessible to people of all ages and health status, and gives real results in improving health. Especially this yoga is recommended to deal with those who have some health problems, because the results of studies carry a beneficial therapeutic effect.

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Iyengar Yoga




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