What is the best single exercise for improving posture? 4


A reminder: Your position is perfect when your shoulders are aligned to your hips, your torso is bulging and your shoulders are back, relaxed and relaxed away from your ears, and your spine is aligned from your coccyx to your neck.

To achieve this posture without forcing, add the exercises below to your daily life, performing them up to four times a week.

Designed and recommended by Rachel Piskin , co-founder of Chair Fitness in Manhattan, and former dancer at the New York Ballet, these movements will strengthen your upper back and your abdominal muscles, they will also define the posture of your shoulders, and you prepare to adopt the appropriate position.

Unless otherwise noted, make each move 10 to 15 times before proceeding to the next. Then repeat the entire program up to three times. The only thing you will need as equipment is a fitness elastic band that can be found in sports shops. (If you do not have one, take a pair of stockings, it works too).

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Solicit the elbow:

Fold a band of elastic and hold both ends in your left hand. Hold the folded side of your right palm and clench your fist. Stand upright with your feet slightly wider than your shoulder width, knees locked, and your toes facing out.

Pull the band of elastic up to the level of the chest and make your left arm go to the right, to extend the band on your chest.

While controlling your movement, guide your right hand to bring it back in front of your left shoulder, to release some tension in the elastic band.

This movement is to repeat 10 to 15 times. Then exchange with the other arm.

Exercise to stretch the arms (Andrew Lyman-Clarke)

Exercise to solicit elbow (Andrew Lyman-Clarke)

Stretch  triceps:

Stand straight with your feet apart from the width of the hips and shoulders.

Wrap some of the end of the fitness band around your right hand, and raise your right arm over your head, to have your elbow and palm facing forward.

With your left hand placed in your back, also make a turn with the elastic around the fingers of this hand, and clench your fist.

Keeping your left hand in the middle of your back and your chest open, unfold your right elbow to engage your upper back and right triceps by stretching the band of elastic toward the ceiling.

Release the control by bending your right elbow and return to the original posture.

Make the movement 10 to 15 times in a row, then invert your hands to work the opposite arm.

Gym exercise to stretch the triceps (Andrew Lyman-Clarke)

Exercise to stretch the triceps (Andrew Lyman-Clarke)

Wave your arms like eagles eagles:

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Hold one end of the gym elastic band in each hand, arms along the body. Put your feet together in the center of the band. Your toes and your eyes should be facing forward to begin.

From this initial position, exhale by twisting your body from the waist by simultaneously lifting both arms to the side to shoulder level, keeping elbows locked and palms facing the ground.

Then inhale by slowly releasing your arms slowly along your legs and placing your bust back to its starting position. Do this 10 to 15 times in a row, then repeat the same number of twists for the opposite side.

Exercise to strengthen your arms (Andrew Lyman-Clarke)

Exercise to extend his arms like an eagle (Andrew Lyman-Clarke)

Stretch  the bust swimming way:

Take one end of the elastic in each hand, and put the band behind your back, just below your bra.

Take a big step forward with your left foot, so that both feet are offset with one forward.

Keep your spine straight and your ears glued to your shoulders.

Engage your torso by folding your waist about 45 ° forward.

Without bending your elbows, stretch both arms straight in front of you. Raise the left arm by about 30 cm, and at the same time lower the right arm by 30 cm too.

Then raise your right arm about 30 cm and lower the left arm in contrast to 30 cm in turn at the same time. Continue quickly to change arms for 30 seconds.