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Is yoga really beneficial for everyone?

Is yoga really beneficial for everyone? 3

Reasons why yoga is the best workout in the world

Everything we hear and read about yoga is positive, and it’s no wonder. This discipline is one of the most complete since you not only exercise the body but also the mind. Peace and calm are very associated with yoga, which translates into direct benefits for our body. If you’re still not convinced, read on! We will show you that yoga is the best training in the world.

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Is yoga really beneficial for everyone? 4


Strengthening your body is not, by far, the best yoga can do for you. Having peace of mind affects many aspects of your life , makes you go more calmly with problems, helps you to value what is really important and can even help improve your sex life. If you have not yet started, what are you waiting for? Practicing sports only has advantages for health, so we propose different positions suitable for all levels with which you can start today.

1. It helps you to appreciate your body

The yoga is a progressive exercise, the first day you can not touch your toes with your fingers, but as you continue training more and see how you are closer and one day you will. It makes you see what your body is capable of , do not underestimate your capabilities!

2. Strengthens you inside and out

Yoga is a perfect sport if your goal is to strengthen the muscles, but also helps the immune system to become stronger. Many of the positions of this discipline encourage the proper functioning of the metabolism and the circulatory system .

Yoga postures for all levels

3. It is a complete training

There is no muscle that does not exercise with yoga . The arms , the legs , the glutes … Everything has its position to be worked with this discipline. As you can see in the video, with some yoga exercises you can even work on the pelvic floor, what else can you ask for?

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4. It is low risk

If you are a runner, for example, you know that your joints can be affected by the impact on the ground. Instead , yoga, as it is done gradually, the elasticity and flexibility of the muscles is achieved little by little, so the risk of suffering an injury is reduced to a minimum.

5. You can do it anywhere

There is no perfect place to practice yoga, all places are worth! The best thing is that you find yours, where you feel comfortable and calm. The beach is an ideal place, but the living room of your house also does not have any kind of restriction since it does not need a specific material or special conditions.

6. Will increase, by far, your flexibility

The yoga postures combined with all the stretches that this discipline offers us, will make your muscles have a much greater flexibility.

7. It is easier to control cravings

Yoga is not just a sport practice, it’s a lifestyle! Be aware of your body and that you have to take care of it is another of the benefits it brings. That’s why when you become a yogi, keeping all those foods that do not benefit you at bay is easier . It is best to eat a healthy diet, so if you get a craving, better eat low-calorie foods.

Low calorie foods

8. Help with menstrual pains

Several postures or yoga asanas report many benefits on those days of the month. In the first place because they favor the calm of the nervous system, and, second, because they strengthen and relax the muscles of the belly.

9. Relieve tension

It is true that all sports help to combat stress, this is because when we exercise our body endorphins are released. With yoga the same thing happens but also, combined with the philosophy of this discipline, it will make you see the problems from another perspective.

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10. It helps you clear your mind

How many thoughts overwhelm you every day? Forget them for a while, yoga helps you clear your head and focus on your body. Leave your mind blank and worry only about doing yoga movements and postures well. Freeing the mind from all the negative is relatively simple with yoga, but what about the body? Eliminate all toxins from your body with these detox foods.

11. Increase confidence in our body

Not only will you see that your body is stronger every day but also all the complexes you may have will no longer matter. You’re healthy and your body is capable of doing everything you set out to do , what else do you need?

12. Help with aches and pains

This discipline works wonders with neck and back pain. By exercising the muscles of these two parts of the body we make them more flexible.

13. It’s never boring

There are a thousand ways to practice yoga, it is impossible to fall into the routine with this discipline. Not only are there many places to practice it but also several modalities . On top of a surfboard, with heat, even on top of a horse! You will want to practice them all. You can also practice it with whoever you want …

14. Open your mind

Doing yoga is a time of liberation, so being restrained is not the most appropriate . If you are shy, it will help you to be disinhibited, the sounds of relaxation and the somewhat impossible postures are not apt for embarrassment, before entering a class, leave the insecurities out!

15. Improves the functioning of the organism

The breathing in yoga is a fundamental pillar of this discipline, not only because it helps with concentration but also because it reduces stress and also favors the correct oxygenation of the blood . This is very good for the body because it improves its functioning.

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16. You are part of a community

Yoga is a movement that has welcomed a lot of different people of all kinds. So wherever you go you will find someone with whom to share the passion for this sport.

17. Improve your eating habits

When you adopt this new lifestyle, it is not only worth doing the postures, you have to immerse yourself. This involves changing your eating habits and eating in the healthiest way possible. Your body is a temple to which you must worship, and to achieve a harmony between your body and your mind you will have to eat healthily , in addition to exercising your body. A good way to improve your diet is to make light dinners, if you need inspiration we leave you 30 perfect ideas to end the day.

30 dinners that help you lose weight

18. Help to sleep better

In the same way that yoga helps fight stress, it also helps with insomnia. Yoga helps our mind to disconnect so it is easier to sleep better . In addition there is a series of exercises known as panyarama and relaxation that relieve tension in the brain and facilitate the reconciliation of sleep.

19. It’s an economic sport

Yoga is a very economic sport . Once all the positions are known, you only need a mat and start practicing . There are many free applications for smartphones that will help you with your progress in this discipline.

20. Any time is good to practice

If you are one of those who like to do sports just get up yoga is great, but if you only have time to do it in the afternoon nothing happens, it’s a good time too. And if what you like is to do it before going to sleep, perfect! There is not a moment of the day better than another to put it into practice.

21. Help improve your sex life

With stronger muscles, more flexibility, clearer mind … Sex is better!

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