The Secret of Happiness: Living with a Purpose

One of the great secrets of happiness and longevity, is to live with a sense of purpose. People who wake up with a sense of purpose to live seven years longer than those who do not, says Richard Leider (coach and author of best sellers).

But if you do not know what your purpose is, how can you find it?

According to Richard, author of “The Power of Purpose”, the process is not as complicated as it might seem. Richard has spent three decades researching and writing about it, and has led people to find their deepest passion. Here are their tips:

When someone knows your life purpose, this person becomes energetic and lucid, wanting to get up in the morning , a reason to get up in the morning, something they have chosen to do with your time and your life.

The first step to find your passion can be summarized as follows : Dones + Passions + Values = Purpose. the giftsare your talents, not only what you are good, but what you love to do. You’re not going to get up in the morning with all your energy to do something you do not like it if you did something that you really like.

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??????????????Then there are your passions , what are yours ?, curiosity is a key ingredient of a purposeful life. When you use your gifts in things that these passionate or why feel a deep curiosity, you feel the power of your purpose.

And finally your values . Values include the environment you’re doing what you’re doing. You need to be not only in a physical environment, but also in an environment with healthy relationships. Within the same company, you can work with a team and a boss who can be a blessing for you, but you can also work with a different boss and a different team and feel that are toxic to you.

The starting point in all this is, spend as much time as possible doing things you care about, and from this, finding a greater sense of purpose in the world where you live.

And what if you do not live with purpose?

People do not find the same level of health, happiness, healing and longevity when they have a reason to get up in the morning. There are studies that say that some people who live without that, without purpose, they are dementias, mental disorders. But people living with purpose, in any activity that do make it better because they have something inside bigger than themselves. Either get up to calm a child or read something, to water a plant, or feed your pet, do better.

People who do not have a purpose are in an endless slumber. It’s like say “kill your inner” said Richard. We’ve all experienced this says, we know when we feel unhooked ourselves, we are more tired and have to sweat like shuffling through the day. But when we feel connected to us, the day flows alone , and suddenly we say “Oh my God, it’s already 6 pm! How quickly time passes”

What are the main reasons or blockages why people do not find their purpose?

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The main block is the time and busy life. Technology, television, mobile phones, computers replace human contact … and those moments of purpose.

There are moments of purpose, reason for every hour of the day, where you can see it in you, or the person with whom you are speaking. You should know that  your purpose is always out of you, and it ‘s bigger than your own self. Jim Collins said: “The most despicable trait in a leader is self – absorption of self, narcissism, ego enormous.” This is the opposite purpose. Someone like Nelson Mandela is an example of the way, had to do with his people, his country and the greater common good outside ourselves.

You do not have to be like Nelson Mandela or Mother Teresa and dedicate your life to some purpose or cause, although for some that is their purpose. But if you want to live a long time, do not turn everything around you, leave the ego aside, there’s the lasting happiness. Viktor Frankl this he said, author of “Man in search of meaning.” Viktor was in a concentration camp, and said that when people lost hence the reason to get up in the morning, died within 24 hours.

When everything revolves around you, when only about you and your desires, begins a certain disease , a certain self – absorption is not good for your health, there must be a balance. Discover the true enjoyment, zest for life and passion into something bigger than you, it is very common to think ego and believe that just that will give you full happiness (objects, luxuries, houses, yachts …), the great most people think so, and objects are not bad if you need and enjoy, but within weeks of them do not give a meaning to live, you feel empty. Full lasting happiness find something greater than you, you out of ego imposes its will and peace steals.

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Let yourself flow through your passion and see a greater reward than any material belongings you can imagine.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

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