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How to Keep Your Joy and Love You More


Today we will discuss not give your happiness to the circumstances and how to love a little more regardless of what happens. Every day we have reason to be sad or frustrated walking: We do not find the keys, the traffic is saturated, or maybe someone offended us. What should we take an hour, it ends up taking us four hours, at the end it’s like there’s always something sour our day, is not it ?.

If you want to live feeling a winner, if you want to love you more and conserve your energy, you must have the right attitude towards life. There is a saying: “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to what happens to you.” Some people get frustrated because they try to control that 10% will not be happy unless everything is as they want, everyone will be treated well, and run all their plans. That’s not the right attitude.

You can not control the traffic, what does your neighbor do, or how your boss treats you. All you can control is your own answer, that’s where the power lies not in trying to control everyone and everything. You can hear people say: ” I would be happy if my partner treated me better , ” “I would be happy if my boss moved to another planet”, “I’d be happier if I had to be in line with my car every day to go to work”. These people are allowing what they can not control embitter their lives.

Conserving your joy and love More

You have to change your attitude. When you start the day, before you get out you have to make the decision that no matter what you wait, you’re not going to be frustrating. No matter what anyone says, you do not be offended, because when people do or say something against you, do so on their internal conflicts still unresolved, it has nothing to do with you. It does not matter to interrupt someone or be late on your date, do not amargaras.

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The key is to decide ahead of time. Then when the day’s events occur, you have to wait in line and be late to work, your kids do not obey or do not do your homework, your wife is in a bad mood, or when your plans do not result will not pass nothing. And you decided that God created this day and live happily. But you can not expect to be in the heat of battle, you decide ahead of time and when things are against you, you’re ready. Your mind will be decided.

Too often we think: “God, if only you changed these people, then you would be happy.” And the reality is that we could catch someone with the right attitude and put in the same situation as this person, and not be frustrated or is estresaría, it would be at peace enjoying life. Why? because if this person believes in a higher being as I do, you know that God is in control, which is directing your steps and that all things happen for good. This person already made the decision that no matter what wait you will live your life happily.

If you do this simple adjustment, then what frustrates you now no longer need to never get frustrated. You have the power to be happy right where you are, this is what Jesus said in the scriptures in John 16: “No man can rob them of their joy.” This means that other people can not feel sad. No circumstances may impose sadness. You have complete control over your happiness.

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Conserving your joy and love More

If someone is rude to you, it really tries to do is steal your joy if someone ignores or excludes you for an activity, is trying to steal your joy. Here you have 2 options, you can give it and walk around angry, frustrated and offended, or you can make a better decision and say, “No thanks, I need my joy , ” “I’m not frustrated because you were rude, or not feel offended because I did not talk, and I made a decision in my mind and I will live this day happily, I will give mercy or benefit of the doubt, but what you will not give it is my joy. “

On one occasion, a man was looking for parking for a long time in front of a supermarket, then a couple went in search of his car, had parked right in front of the door, the man who was looking for parking was happy and went to park when the couple went, but just before putting your car parked and quickly came another instead. With all the time she’d been waiting for a parking lot, the man decided what I suggest you today. He could have added shouted insulting and take all their frustration and pitándoles getting even with them, but instead decided to leave that place and not give them joy, she decided not to get frustrated.

When you are tempted to get frustrated when someone misbehaves with you, you have to ask: “Is it worth giving my joy for this?” , “I did this against me, now I’m going to make it worse by allowing them to embitter my whole day?”.

Some people wonder why they are not happy, and because they gave their joy when such could not find the keys to your car, or when they had to work overtime at work, gave their joy when they discovered that someone spoke ill of them Their backs. They are not your circumstances that prevent them from being happy is the fact that they deliver their joy.

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Life is too short to allow such interruptions and avoid irritation to be happy , we can never get away from them, they will not disappear as if by magic, are part of life. When you learn the principle of not having to give your joy, it’s very liberating.

Take inventory of your life, what are you frustrated allowing ?, What is causing stresses you ?. Identifies what it is, and then make the decision to change your attitude. Often it is something small to what we are giving importance, it really worth losing your joy because you can not find some keys, or because your partner was not to buy the book you wanted ?.

I really hope this article has inspired and helped, leave a comment about what you learned from this reading and what you will do from now on to improve your joy and your relationship with yourself.

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