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Born in Lunen, Germany, 16 February 1948. Even his 13-year-old lived with both parents, but because of many conflicts that had ended up separating. Then it said he had a sad childhood. In addition to the situation in your home that once, while playing in places destroyed as a result of the Second World War was depressed by the experience of the country. From 13 to 19 years he lived with his father in Alicante (Spain), who did not register in the official school, so Tolle studied literature, astronomy and languages ​​from home. Says his father used to joke with his new status, he said: “I am alicantino, drunk and thin”.

At 19, Tolle went to live in England and over the next three years taught German and Spanish entrepreneurs in order to finance their stay there. Experiencing anxiety, depression and fear. As part of the process of finding answers to your questions, at 22 he decided to enter the University of London to study philosophy, psychology and literature. Before this, I had to attend night school as an admission requirement for higher studies and succeeded thanks to his determination and perseverance. After graduating, he won a scholarship to do research at the University of Cambridge graduate level. Despite everything going well in his studies, he continued to feel suicidal depression recreating moments in his mind unrewarding past and a frightening future.

Until one day, at 29 years old he had a very special experience that would prompt start a profound change in his life thereafter. The experience was as follows:

He awoke one morning feeling terror and although sometimes he had lived, this time it was much more intense. I felt anger toward the world and even to his own existence. Not make sense to continue living with her unhappiness and therefore came to wish not to continue living. Often he repeated mentally: “No I can live with myself.” So suddenly he became aware specifically of what he was thinking and discussed the following: “If I can not continue to live with myself, there must be two, self and myself with which I can not live … perhaps one of the two is real. ” In this strange reasoning mind she stopped and focused. Then he was dragged by an energy that led him to move slowly, then quickly, then his body began to tremble with fear. He heard the words: “Do not resist nothing,” as if emerging from within. At that moment, I felt like falling into a void that was inside himself. Suddenly, he lost the fear and dropped into the void.

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Then he was awakened by the sweet song of a bird without even opening his eyes he saw the image of a precious diamond. When he finally opened them saw the light of dawn and by this light reached to perceive love itself. His eyes welled with tears, stood up and walked around the room. He felt as if he’d been born. He began to observe objects carefully and vividly. That day walked the city with astonishment by the miracle that meant life, everything seemed peaceful, even traffic. In the next five months he lived in a deep state of charm and inner peace. Then it seemed less intense that state probably because he was getting used to this. Although he was aware that something very significant had happened, he did not understand yet. Thereafter he devoted himself to understand more deeply what had begun experimenting.

It was only years later, after being instructed in spiritual subjects who understood the intense suffering that night must have forced his conscience to stop identifying with that unhappy and fearful being created by your mind to be alone its true essence, Tolle defines it as: “the ever-present I am: consciousness in its pure state prior to identification with form.” Later he also learned to enter the inner world, timeless and end being fully aware of increasingly amazing and profound ways. The feeling of peace continued in any situation.

Tolle left her graduate studies and for nearly two years passed in the street, staying most of the time sitting in the Russell Square London in a state of deep happiness, just watching the world go by. Sometimes he stayed at a Buddhist monastery, or sleeping rough in Hampstead Heath. His family came to be branded as “irresponsible” and “crazy”.

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Of course, some who had studied at Cambridge and others approached him to ask him to help them get that happiness he had already achieved and Tolle answered them: “You already have. Just you can not feel it because your mind is too noisy “ . So he started working as a spiritual counselor for 5 years and went to live in Glastonbury, 3 hours from London.

In 1995, when he was 47 years old he moved to Vancouver (Canada), where he met his future wife Kim Eng.

In 1997 he published his first book “The Power of Now”. At first, only 3,000 copies were printed in the first edition. Tolle personally handed some copies every week in some small bookstores in the city and his friends helped him carrying copies of the book to the farthest places selling spiritual books. In 2000 he came to the hands of the renowned TV host Oprah Winfrey who recommended in his magazine and shortly after, he was one of the bestselling books according to the New York Times. In 2008 already it had been translated from English into 33 languages.

In 2005, Tolle published “A New Earth”, which has been among the best-selling New York Times 46 times. A month after Oprah announced the book 3.5 million copies were sold.

Tolle partnered with Oprah for webinars, which included meditations and questions from the audience via Skype. The third seminar attracted over 11 million viewers.

Currently, Eckhart Tolle lectures and workshops in English and sometimes in German or Spanish. Regional spent traveling to the work of teaching and guiding people towards inner growth.

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Applies he does not part of any particular religion, however it is identified with the beliefs of Jiddu Krishnamurti and Ramana Maharshi. His thinking has also been influenced by Meister Eckhart, Advaita Vedanta, Rumi, as well as Zen Buddhism and the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

Eckhart Tolle invites people to shed the weight of the past and the future mirages. Encourages people to free themselves from that 90% of thoughts are but “noise” for being repetitive, unnecessary and fruitless.

Tolle’s teachings focus on spiritual awakening in which you need to transcend the state of consciousness based on ego . This is essential not only to achieve personal happiness but also to end the violence in the world. His teachings have been helpful to countless people to find peace and remain fully carried out .

In summary, based on the life story of Eckhart Toll we find a being who lived in his childhood and adolescence difficult experiences in a largely negative political, social and family context, which led to an existential crisis, leading to depression. However, to get ahead he used internal resources as perseverance, interest in learning, recursion to earn income, their receptivity and sensitivity to the experience he had that time at age 29, the decision to be in spaces will contact more with life itself, contemplating his surroundings (despite critical family) and commercial partnerships created with friends and someone very influential in the media. Thanks to these personal resources managed a massive and grandiose dissemination of his teachings, strengthening their mission in life. Also, the fact his way to a transformation in his life from the development of new ways of thinking, was what allowed him to go to attract success into your life.

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