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How long do you practise meditation each day?

How long do you practise meditation each day? 5

The most important thing first: who wants to meditate, it should just do it. There are no rules, no right and no wrong. Rather, meditation requires the willingness not to want too much and not to take your own thoughts too seriously. Enjoy the deliberate break from everyday life – these six tips will help you!

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How long do you practise meditation each day? 6


We meditate to get a calm, steady and unwavering spirit in the midst of noise and change.

From my own experience, I know how difficult it is sometimes to practice meditation continuously.
Therefore I would like to support you with a few simple, but effective suggestions in your practice.

Take daily and regularly one – two times for your meditation.
If this plan is firm, you lose no energy for the question of whether.
So the everyday inhibition threshold for the practical start in your session is sufficiently low; You can start relatively open and relaxed.

It is important not to miss any meditation, to develop constancy and the sense of repetition.
Keep expectation and pressure of success away from meditating.
And do not try to force something. Do not let it feel like work, like duty.

When the opportunity presents, meditate outdoors, out of town, in quiet places, by the water, in the woods or mountains. Where you feel particularly comfortable.
Wear clothes that will not restrict you and make sure that it is not too warm on the spot; that stuns your consciousness.

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Our mind is usually restless and complex. It’s hard for us to focus exclusively on what we just want to do.
Also at the beginning of a meditation.

Do not try to suppress and suppress the thoughts that flow into you. But also not to follow their content.
But to take a neutral observer position, to state the flow of your current thinking.
And your thoughts will pass away.

Not daily you will be able to feel the meditative effect clearly.
You should take this into account and not doubt it.

After only a few days of practice, you will feel the power of meditation in the form of calm and strength.
Your ability to concentrate will increase and your mindfulness will refine.

You will find a new approach to your feelings and will meet your fellow human beings in a deeper connection.
No matter which meditation technique and attitude you choose.

How long do you practise meditation each day? 7

1. Find a quiet place

Especially for meditation beginners is a quiet place where you feel comfortable, a great help. A special meditation cushion, a candle or flowers help to make this place special and to put you in a meditative mood. It is also helpful to always meditate in the same place.

2. Start with small meditation units

Dear short and relaxed than long and stressed. It is counterproductive full of motivation as a beginner to book a two-day seminar to learn to meditate. The key lies in the regular repetition. For example, start with just seven minutes a day and slowly increase to ten minutes or more.

3. Make meditation your routine

If you meditate regularly at a certain time, you make your practice routine and your mind can come to rest more quickly. You may discover that it is easiest in the morning to reach and maintain the thoughtless state. So the day begins with inner silence that accompanies you during your everyday life. In the evening before going to bed, the meditation helps you to review the day again.

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4. Seats comfortable and upright

The most common posture for meditation is the upright posture, where the groins feel open and the spine is upright. Whether you put yourself in the lotus position or sit on a chair is secondary. It is important that the position is comfortable for you. You can also meditate while lying down – as long as you do not do it.

5. Find your meditation technique

There are many meditation techniques, from concentrating on breathing to repeating mantras. It’s best to test different methods for you and see which one works best for you.

6.Body on the ball

It means patience is like a muscle that you can train. So stay tuned and try to meditate daily for a longer period of time. You will not want to miss it any more.

Finally, a tip:
Meditate in everyday life and teach your concentration by deliberately getting involved in the moment. You could start right now!

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