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Vicente Gallego and Nisargadatta Maharaj. Dialogs


Vicente Gallego and Nisargadatta Maharaj. dialogues


Vicente Gallego and dialogues around the wisdom of Nisargadatta Maharaj populate this book of access to the depths; precisely where there is no surface or depth. Here and now.


Vicente Gallego knows that through poetry and poetry is vital to the present moment what you will find in this book.


“To fall itself” Vicente Gallego Editorial Kairos

I confess to having been discovered first Vicente Gallego poet, through verses and uncollected poems ranging llegándote espaciadamente in discovering authors and especially “Holy Drifting” (am very interested in poetry and humbly, I also write) and then appeared impressive “Against all belief” that I encourage you to read.

National Critics Award and Loewe Poetry Prize, Vicente Gallego beats me, I confess, stating that “only when we live in nakedness, we live in peace” and said that it remains a hedonistic life, “but no longer in I contradiction, no desire, including enjoyment of all desires and see that all of them are nothing more than the last emptiness of being. Understanding of reality is an affirmation of everything from vacuum “. A real statement of intent that has much to do with the way the here and now.

This is an agile but profound book, replete with a fine mood yet strangely unsettling in the sense that Vicente Gallego achieved through the practice of dialogue, immersing ourselves in the “thick of the original nature of reality”.

Conversation, dialogue between friends as a tribute to Vicente Gallego who considers his master, Nisargadatta Maharaj . It is almost a daily seeker of truth.


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The tone of the dialogue that will compose the book, I confess to you that reminded me vaguely reading, many years ago, another book learning, as for me it was “the way of the heart” of Fernando Sanchez Drago and me he also recalled some texts in playing with Oisinoid name (spelled backwards Dionisio, alter ego, guardian angel and astral double with which Dragó play in many of his texts and books)

Underlies the whole book, including through a fine humor, the reality of the here and now to tell us that the true reality is that there is no surface or depth. It is the present moment, here and now.

Let me stop again Sanchez Dredged remember that “Gnosis (knowledge) is the result of experience, not theory. It is achieved by doing and, in any case, for the feeling, not believing nor thinking “ and that there is much in the text of the great sage Vicente Gallego.

Read this book that I present at the end of the day, it’s like walking calmly to the side of a sage who with his teachings are you doing opening the way for your own awakening.

In Nisargadatta mouth and thread of thought and ego Vicente Gallego writes: “Nothing is ever present here and now, like the person who is afraid, because both are mental constructs. How do you think were a thing yesterday and tomorrow will be another, and that, although look away, makes you see that you are not, you dare to think that could have happened the same with your being. However, your true self, though you contend in founding his own branches at the time of mental musings -to say what you were yesterday, or so they pretend to be tomorrow, will never allow you to move your conscious presence timeless and impersonal . “

And is that as I remembered Vicente Gallego in one of his interviews, even Cervantes encouraged us to that knowledge of us and we ourselves and them , in that recommendation that Don Quixote does to Sancho when he says that “you have to lay eyes on who you are, trying to know yourself, which is the most difficult knowledge can imagine “

I invite you to accompany Vicente Gallego in these wise and profound dialogues that revolve around the word of his “life master” Nisargadatta Maharaj.

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After reading the book, I remembered again the inscription of the Victory Gate of Faterpur Sikri in India that says “The world is a bridge; franqueadlo, but not construyáis nothing on. You wait an hour which can claim eternity. The world deserves an hour. Pass it with devotion. The rest does not matter”.

And then I go back to the verses of Francisco Brines in “The broken glass. The poem “ that Vicente Gallego gives us at the beginning of” To fall itself “.

“There are times when the soul

It breaks down like a glass,

And before it breaks

And die-because things

Too- die,

Fill it with water

And drink,

I mean let

The well washed, worn words

In the broken bottom of your soul

And if they can, sing “.


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