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Stone massage

stone massage

The name “stone massage” due to the use for its therapeutic properties of hot and cold stones. stone therapy philosophy is based on information that the stones have energy activity, the effect of which is directed to relaxation of the whole body and its complete recovery. Using stones for relaxation and recovery to ancient history. The historical roots of this method can be traced in the ancient culture of the peoples of China and Japan, and in the traditions of North and South America, India and Egypt. Many cultural civilization believe that the stones remember everything that happened on this planet, and even in the universe. Many shamans and spiritual healers from around the world are using stones and crystals in their ceremonies.

Stone massage is fraught with great opportunities in terms of the restoration of health and stress reduction. However, the technique stone massage is one of the most sophisticated techniques, because when performing very important to observe the location of the hot and cold stones, the temperature conditions, the natural composition and even the color of the stone.

Technique stone massage

  • Stones are placed on the body in a certain pattern, periodically shift and change positions.
  • The black basalt rocks (their temperature is within 40-70 C °) is used as a hot matrices.
  • Cold matrix created using light stones (their operating temperature is 5-35 C °).
  • In cases where you need particular information influence, Druze used semi-precious stones and crystals.
  • By the time of the Stone massage takes between one and two hours.
  • The number of sessions stone massage will vary depending on the tasks that need to be addressed, sometimes only two – three sessions, it is sometimes necessary to spend ten or more sessions.
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properties of stones

stone massage

Among the plurality of stones used in stone treatment, such as marble, marine and semiprecious, allocated basalt rocks. Basalt property slowly release heat mitigates tissue, muscle relaxation, warming of the cold parts of the body and allows the use of basalt in certain trouble spots or large areas of the body. Hot stone massage has a positive effect on muscle relaxation, increases the intensity of metabolic processes, brings a sense of physical rest and emotional balance. The main effect of hot stones on the body caused by vasodilatation and hyperemia, thus there is an improvement of local blood circulation, a more intense metabolism, early excretion of metabolic products. Massage cold stones (in alternation with hot) influence the vasoconstriction of the skin and capillaries, eliminates stagnation of blood in the veins, increases muscular tonus increases Incoming fresh oxygenated blood in tissue. The perfect complement to stone therapy are essential oils, which are applied to the stones and the body. It is known that oil can have a draining, stimulating, tonic or relaxing effect. The heat from the stones when combined with massage techniques promotes deeper penetration of the essential oils and enhance their actions.


Stone massage gives a pronounced effect of rejuvenation by the activation of the deep energies. Particularly effective to use stone massage for the following diseases:

  • stone massagespine disease
  • arthropathy
  • osteochondrosis
  • amyotrophy
  • digestive problems
  • constipation and diarrhea
  • phlebeurysm
  • physical and mental strain
  • insomnia
  • headache
  • Stress and depression
  • nervous agitation or anxiety
  • mood swings


stone massage

  • aggravation of any chronic disease,
  • exacerbation of asthma,
  • acute infectious disease,
  • pregnancy (hot stones can be used only in certain areas).

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