Combat Stress With Mindfulness. Healthy Life II

Combat stress.  Time organization.  Fitness II

Combat stress. Indeed this is one of the biggest challenges you have ahead when it comes to managing stress. And yes, the good news is that it is possible. Up to you.


How to combat stress managing time.


In the previous post of the four that make “healthy lifestyle” , entitled “Healthy Living. Stress to inner peace “ , spoke of the concept of stress and its consequences on the physical and mental and how mismanagement of that stress (necessary for survival under normal conditions) could eventually create serious health problems and even serious diseases.

Now, what I want you to be clear is that stress, at this time we inhabit, is the result of poor time management. The formula is simple: every morning life gives you a bonus of 24 hours and you decide how to spend it , knowing that at the end of the day, you can not return or accumulate any time.

Where is the problem? . Since in the bag in which you can fit 24 hours we tend to put more stones that actually fit and we intend to do in those 24 hours, which actually takes a lot longer.

Yes, that is one of the important steps to combat stress that grips you keys. Learn to manage your time well.

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In the interesting book by Jean-Louis Servan-Schreiber , entitled “The new art of living time” , the author tells us that “in the twentieth century revolutionized health, material comfort, speed, communication, space and now, our body. Our next conquest is clear: time, our time. It will not be easy because it is unarmed combat and against ourselves. But worth it because it makes life more calm and can lead to wisdom “

So that today, when we live an unstoppable acceleration of time, Servan-Schreiber points out three types of time with those who usually lived and that make our titanic struggle to combat stress:

Nature.- time have not mastered. Is the cosmos, “the more or less 15,000 million years after the big bang.” It is there and accepted. There is nothing left to do

The time COMPANY.- is a nearest time and has to do directly with combat stress. Is the time of year, days and hours we put in quotes, interviews and routines. Partly it depends on us and us and part of that social sense that frames.

Weather vivido.- This is the one that can fight when combat stress. It ‘s your time, how will you organize it , what you do with it, what you decide at all times. It is the time of the present moment, the here and now we are talking about when we work in workshops and seminars plenacción

Actually it is that you can master to combat stress learning to spend that bonus 24horas that life gives you every morning upon waking.

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The more activity goals in the bag, the more stress you’ll have. This is easy to say, I know, but you think about it and ask yourself very well if your decisions you agree or not, if they are based on a sense or direction, if you are aware or not of your spending and if you have real possibility to change things.

Combat stress is to take decision to leave that comfort zone that grips you and you end up not wanting to break . It is important. I lived time is yours and you must learn to make those decisions.

An important step to combat stress is to spend some time in meditation. Since the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, you can be more aware of your actions and your time.

You can learn to meditate with simple steps. Here I leave a link where, for example, I’ll tell you how in a simple way home. The important thing when combat stress is continuity and persevere.



meditations to stop the noise of the mind here and now

Following in the line of Servan-Schreiber when he says that “the true owners of time are constant serenity, availability to others and the varied interests because they know see things from a distance and also add their mood” , we have four obstacles to be overcome to start the process of combat stress.

These are:

1. Do we know enough about us / as same / as

2. We do not know enough time

3. We let too entangle ourselves and others

4. not reflect enough about the job we do of our time.

“There is no favorable for those who do not know where time goes.” That’s one of the important keys when combat stress.

 And by the way, let me ask you a question: What have you done today …?


These four books you may find useful when combat stress. I hope you find them useful:

– “Desestrésate. essential to improve your quality of life “techniques.

– “The Simple Life”

– “Discover how to be happy with less”

– “Manual of a Buddhist monk to break free from the noise of the world. 37 exercises to achieve serenity of the soul “


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