Change your life and you will change the World with action and meditation

Change your life to change the world.  Action and meditation

Although it may seem a lie if I say change your life to change the world, you’re thinking that in this new world of globalization, your attitude towards the reality around you is unshakeable and that no matter how much you change, nothing you can do to change the world. Error!!. In the book I present to you, it is abundantly clear that, as its subtitle says, “change yourself to change the world” is not only possible; but desirable and necessary.


Change your life to change the world. Can. It is the beginning of inner revolution that can take you to learn to put the bit to improve the environment in which you live.


“Action and meditation.” Change yourself to change the world several authors. Editorial Kairos


When they bound in a book people in the category of Christophe André, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Pierre Rabhi and Mattieu Ricard , great things as they occur in the articles of each in this volume edited by Kairos and has the support of Ilios Kotsou and Caroline Lesire, easily find some good clues about what you can serve the practice of meditation when to change the world . Almost nothing!!.

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However, that changes your life to change the world, is possible thanks to the real possibility of your transforming action from your own privacy as a human being . There is no mention in the book of “rarities” or “isolation” but rather to be absolutely present in the here and now in which, every day, running things without which, many times, we realize it.

The authors are normal people like you and me who have done since the humility of his work great things. A psychiatrist, a philosophical farmer, a Buddhist monk doctorate in molecular biology (the son of famous French philosopher Jean-Francois Revel) and a professor of medicine, tell us throughout the book of the question of the relationship between global transformation and personnel, society alienates us inviting us to perform some resistance pathways, conscious practice of altruism as a way of transformation and how through our small actions, there are things that end up changing.

And is that as noted in the introduction , “the collective success of a more just and enduring world is the convergence of all our collective acts”.

If we want to change the world, it is binding our own inner transformation, and that transformation, the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness has much to say.

The idea behind throughout their pages (250 easy to read because we are not talking about a “technical” book) is that if you change your life, you can also change the world , because change yourself to change the world are two indissociable things, because as André says in his chapter, “change is not what does not destroy, but to build what we want to see emerge”

Reading the book, “Change your life to save the world , it will be a mere anecdote to a real possibility of live or live feel to put your valuable bit in a world in constant transformation.

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You will also see that the practice of meditation is not a form of isolation from the world, but a powerful tool for change that needs continuity to be effective and that undoubtedly change your life for the better.

In short, when you ask or you feel the need to want to change your life, you have to know that you have a large processing capacity and not dwell in an isolated world , but your personal and social relationships, are there to be engines change for the benefit of all.

I invite you to read this book that I bring to the Bibliomind of Plenacción, with the words of Matthieu Ricard:

“If you change the mindset of a sufficient number of people, these will influence and change cultures and institutions.”

Meditation is also revolution. Change your life to change the world.

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