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Yoga for a beautiful figure and health

Yoga for a beautiful figure and health 3

Hatha Yoga
– a practice aimed primarily at achieving perfection of the physical body. Long ago, Indian yogis have developed a system that consistently and logically cleans, heals and trains all the body’s systems, especially the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, hatha yoga system with regular and proper training, the body becomes predictable not only healthy and normally functioning, but also the “youngest” of the functional state and appearance. The body becomes beautiful due to the fact that the figure becomes a sport, slim, and the skin condition improves noticeably. Naturally, such a result is not achieved in one day, but at least a few weeks of persistent workouts several times a week (and if possible – on a daily basis).

Taken in its entirety, hatha yoga system is a closed and self-sufficient when it comes to physical development, I omit all the “esoteric” (spiritual development).
Therefore, although you can often hear that “alone will not achieve the body beautiful yoga” that must be included in the training program, and even a fitness gym (exercises with weights – “iron”) – this is not true. of our body weight is large enough to competently working with him, it was possible to train all the muscles, and in yoga it is widely used. “Bodybuilder”, of course, the yogi or yogini is unlikely to be (if you do not stand on their hands for half an hour or more), but buy smart and ‘fitnesovuyu “figure only one yoga – is quite real for both men and women.

In fact, yoga training with the aim of improving the health and figure a safe and beneficial to health than self-training in the gym (without personal trainer).
In addition, yoga is always a positive effect on health in general, due to the impact on the internal organs and the pranic system – which is not guaranteed in most other western areas of physical exercise (a happy exception, perhaps, is the only Pilates).

On the other hand, the frequent use of yoga as part of building a beautiful body do not adequately understand.
The most common mistake – using only a few asanas, torn, firstly, from the system of
asana -kontrasana (compensation) and the rest, and secondly, because of the structure of a holistic training on this day and exercise for a month as a whole. There can only help a knowledgeable expert, under the direct supervision is necessary (at least initially) to train, even if their goal is to banal “pumped back muscles,” or “to remove fat from the buttocks.”

Take yourself and do some yoga asanas, watching their impact on the directory (or, even more so, “according to their feelings!”) Not only effectively, but also potentially dangerous to health, it is not recommended.
Yoga never included such one-sided exercise! One or two individual asanas never make any novice or experienced master, posture is always practiced in the complex.

Yourself to deal with the intricacies of the construction of individual training is difficult, but possible.
It is necessary, firstly, to take into account that the sequence of the complex should be built “on the chakras,” from the bottom up: first, do pose on the disclosure of the pelvis (such as titanium-asana – “Butterfly”), then forward bends (eg, Paschimottanasana – “pose stretching back” ), followed by twist (Ardha Matsendrasana – “half twisted posture” and others) and power (
Navasana – “pose a boat”), followed by – the deflections ( Ushtrasana – “camel pose”) and inverted (Sarvangasana – “stand on the shoulders” , it “birch”), and in the end – poses to the balance sheet (such as Eka Pada Pranamasana“Greeting pose on one leg” or Garudasana – “the king of birds pose”) and in the final – headstand (Sirshasana), and then Savasana , relaxation on the back.

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However, there are exceptions to this rule, for example, poses on the balance sheet can be performed at the beginning of the complex;
for experienced practitioners also allowed to start training with Sirshasany and then go up again on the chakras. Navasanu ( “boat”) is allowed to put just before shavasana.

Secondly, there are certain laws that govern the construction of asana sequences.
The main of them – that the inclination is to follow the deflection of the twist – compensation (warm-up and rest); but some asanas should be done bundles of several asanas, so general advice here is difficult to give. It is best to get an individual set for the practice of your teacher.

To preserve good health is important to understand that the restrictions described above apply not only to the “crazy” yogis who aim to set prana, awareness of the subtle centers (chakras) and channels (
nadi ), and then the rise of kundalini , and on all who anyway, I do yoga, even for a good figure! Only by following the correct, coherent structure of a class, you save and even improve the health of the spine, joints and muscles, and not vice versa. Once again we must emphasize that all yoga postures should be practiced only in the complex (except Surya Namaskar and Chandra Namaskar: these dynamic complexes of 12-13 asanas can be done separately).

Now for those who felt sad when reading these lines precede.
Yes, a 5-minute spot-training “for the calves,” it will not do, you have to spend an hour and a half to perform the entire complex. On the other hand, and “thank you” you “tell” the whole body, not just the calf!

Just want to reassure any doubters that problems such as excess weight, cellulite, ugly posture and slouching, weakness of muscles, excess fat in certain areas of the body – reliably solved the regular practice of Hatha Yoga.
When you save a gentle but steady cycle of regular exercise and proper diet, “rollback” after such a correction will not be simple.

Certain yoga asanas, indeed, acupressure on specific muscle groups.
Here are a few effective asanas – exercise, correcting certain physical disabilities – not to select the “taste”, and the fact that you could make a stop and to pay particular attention to the dates of your asanas (not excluding completely different in their personal training! ):

  • Ardha- and Purna- titanium Asana (postures Half and full of butterflies) – increases the mobility of the hip joints and knees (for a comfortable sitting in meditative postures);
  • ManiBandha Chakra (rotation fist) – arthritis, wrist fatigue when working on the computer or the writings of the hand;
  • Skanda Chakra (rotation elbows) – for fatigue and “squeeze” on the shoulders of office work, with “clogged” cervical department. Improve the shape of the shoulders and chest.
  • Uta Padasana (alternate lifting of direct feet) – uterine prolapse. Strengthens digestion;
  • Chakra Padasana (straight leg rotation) and Pada Sanchalasana (rotation of half-bent leg) – one of the best asanas from obesity, making beautiful abdominal muscles, strengthens the lower back and the back, hips;
  • Supta Pavanmuktasana (gripping position behind the knee) – adjusts the menstrual cycle, improves digestion, constipation, and removes gases;
  • Naukasana (aka Navasana – boat pose) – increases the overall body tone. It is very important in the fight against obesity. It stimulates all the vital systems of the body.
  • Raju Karshanasana (rope stretching pose) – works with the muscles of the upper back, strengthening them. Strengthens and tightens the breast line.
  • Sanchalanasana Science (posture rowing boat) – obesity. Yogaterapii also useful in gynecological diseases, and postpartum yogaterapii. Treats constipation.
  • Kashtha Takshanasana (posture splitting firewood) – strengthens the muscles of the back, especially the upper part and between the blades;
  • Namaskarasana (squatting posture) – for losing weight. It strengthens the muscles of the hips, knees, shoulders, arms and even the neck;
  • Kridasana Matsya (fish pose dancing) – for losing weight. Also removes tension from the back;
  • Mardzhari-asana (pose cat, hog) – prevention of women’s diseases, regulates menses;
  • Vyagrasana (posture awakening tiger) – removes the excess weight from the buttocks and thighs, legs makes beautiful;
  • Ushtrasana (camel pose) – strengthens and makes a beautiful back, neck. Strengthens the lower back;
  • Supta-Vajrasana (lightning pose lying down) – strengthens, expands the chest, beauty breast;
  • Hasta Uttanasana (posture with a show of hands to the sides) – improves posture, strengthens the arms and shoulders, improves their shape. It is also good for the heart and brain blood supply;
  • Akarna Dhanurasana (archer standing posture) – strengthens the shoulders and makes them beautiful; straightens the posture; It works with the deep muscles of the neck;
  • Tadasana (mountain pose), Tiriyaka Tadasana (mountain pose with twisting) – strengthens the back, useful for excess weight;
  • Katie Chakrasana (waist rotation posture) – helps to remove fat from the waist, back and hips, improves posture, reduces stress.
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It is only a short, fragmentary list of poses that have a direct impact on the shape and have a positive effect on health.
In the arsenal of yoga – just over one hundred classic (not counting variations and supporting posture), asanas! The impact of many of them – is not confined to one direction (say,
Viparita Karani Asana and promotes weight loss and increases the overall tone of the body, and improves the shape of the thighs and abdomen – the same can be said about Navasanu).

In general, to solve the problems with being overweight, it is necessary to work with poses on Manipur Chakra (twists, turns, body, power poses – especially Naukasana et al.).
If the task is to improve the shape of breasts and shoulders – do pose on the Anahata chakra (the disclosure poses housing deflections), as well as stands with his hands apart (such as
Virabhadrasana ). To improve the shape of the calf muscles, cellulite – do stand (such as Virabhadrasana) and posture on the legs extension (such as Jana Sirshasana, Parivritti Janu Sirshasana, Paschimottanasana, Pada Hastasana et al.), And balances standing (Garudasana, etc.) . With the form thighs and overweight pose operate the disclosure pelvis (titanium-Asana et al.). Strengthening and beauty neck “zavedayut” asymmetrical poses a turn of the head, as well as deflection and posture with the support on the top (may be undesirable if overweight).

There are also exercises and poses, in general, improve the condition of the body, anti-aging body.
This dynamic complexes Surya- and Chandra Namaskar, poses Viparita Karani Asana (posture inverted or “pose a broken candle”) and Sirshasana (headstand) – as part of the daily complex asanas. Each of these exercises should be gradually start doing at least 10 minutes a day to achieve a noticeable effect, while maintaining the regularity of basic training.

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To obtain a rapid effect on the improvement of physical condition and shape, along with the practice of yoga is also important to stick to light, it is better vegetarian, diet, and do not eat at night, and exercise regularly, at least 2 times a week, it is better in a day.
After receiving advice and a few lessons with a teacher personally, you can go to the independent practice. Training should take place in a well-ventilated area, with pleasant relaxing music.

We should not forget that the inverted posture and power when excess weight should be done with extreme care.
Poses on deflections and twists to avoid pain in the spine (unless otherwise directed by your yogaterapevtom). Also in practice, any item in the classical Hatha yoga is generally not permitted the emergence of pain! And most importantly, remember that each yoga pose contraindications and restrictions (variations). Before starting the self-study personally consult with your doctor and knowledgeable yoga teacher. By following the above simple guidelines, you will in a short time be able to achieve the goals of yoga workout – body improvement and health promotion!

Author: Alex Sokolowski

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