The benefits of meditation in two essential books

The benefits of meditation on two indispensable books.

“The science of meditation” of mind genes. Perla Kaliman Editorial Kairos and  “The benefits of meditation” Daniel Goleman and Rochard J.Davison Editorial Kairos


The benefits of meditation are becoming more precise and measurable.


In this post I want to make two good literature recommendations you will clarify many doubts about these benefits of meditation to keep you practicing or assume that has come to you when to stop, sit down, take your breath and your body language and meditate here and now.

From the Editorial Kairos comes the publication of two interesting volumes which, from different viewpoints, you even closer to the benefits of meditation in which, through science, it makes it very clear to meditate, not only has a special impact on the world of emotions, but also has a significant impact on the brain and regulation of our own DNA.

If you had never heard of the “epigenetic” , go to your favorite search engine and searches. From there you can begin to be interested in a book like The science of meditation after the reading, you will be clear that practice also involves making changes in what, until recently, we thought it was unshakable and that, as Perla Kaliman notes ( PhD in Biochemistry and researcher in the area of Aging and Neurodegeneration Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona)  “until a few decades, science unknown to what extent the activity of genes is sensitive to environmental factors, social and psychological”

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With science of meditation you will be able to perform all “a tour of the latest findings stress the risks and benefits of meditative practices in brain health, cellular aging and epigenetics”.

And on that line to discover that “science shows how meditation changes the mind, brain and body , ” you can read the benefits of meditation and Davison Goleman.

Are two books that should be around to see the enormous possibilities offered by the practice of meditation and mindfulness to enhance our bodies, our minds and our health, but also to learn to have a new relationship with the environment in which we live .

These two books are going to be very useful for a ride of mind genes and realize the immense power of meditation as a tool for personal transformation.

Speaking of the benefits of meditation, you will realize that your change will be the potential change everything you want to transform.

To do this, not only to read but what is more important: practice and be very aware of what you can learn with Perla Kaliman in “Science of Meditation” and you’ll discover through reading Daniel Golemn and Richar J.Davidson on the benefits of meditation.

Mindfulness life here and now.



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