Mindfulness books in Spanish that you ‘can not miss

Mindfulness books in Spanish that you can not miss.

Today I present 10 books of mindfulness in Spanish you have to read the benefit of your personal and professional development.


Mindfulness is not only the practice of mindfulness, but also search and find books that they will be useful in your everyday life.


It is said that in the libraries of monasteries Zen , there is a sign that reads something like “the book is the finger pointing to the moon but not the moon.”

So I want to point out in this article 10 books in Spanish mindfulness that, while not the moon, you’re sure to show the right path to get to it.

That is, in all those pages there is enough wisdom to bring poderte practice and understanding of mindfulness or mindfulness with great knowledge.

Yes, there is a bit of everything and a lot of good work by each author.

Mindfulness books have next to you is recognition signal and good company.

Paper or e-book, but either way, it is important to spend time daily reading pleasure.

A reading of these books in Spanish unhurried mindfulness, which do not be carried away by the rush and in a time in which reflection and internalization of the reading be patient and calm.

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Pedro Salinas said that there are two types of attitudes towards reading.

They are the “leedores” and “readers”, being the first , and first who opened a fast reading without intruding too, through the pages at a steady pace without undue attention and then walk the second, readers who venture full internalisation of the book, to spend time with him, to focus on every word, to take one or one with each book.

We love the books we have in the way we approach the two variants books. I am a reader and Leedor, but the books of mindfulness in Spanish that I present you then tune of “reader” rather than “Leedor”.

I hope you enjoy them . Do not rush. You do not have to buy all now. You think you can like most and focus on that with the attitude of the present moment. Mindfulness for reading. The passion of reading and learning to live.

Mindfulness 10 books in Spanish that I recommend:

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1. “A cherry on the balcony”

A cherry on the balcony

With a cherry on the balcony learn to practice Zen in your city

2. “Serenity in everyday life”

have patience

learn patience and find serenidd in everyday life with this good book

3. “Meditation for Beginners”

like learning to meditate

4. “Living Heart”

living heart

Living Heart is a book about the practice of Mindfulness with which learn to live without fear

5. “Mindfulness in Everyday Life”

Kabat Zinn

Throughout the book of Jon Kabat-Zinn you discover the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness

6. “Meditate every day”

how to meditate

Learn how to meditate with this book Christophe André. mindfulness meditation

7. “Short Treatise of the interior life”

interior life

Discover your inner life through this brief treatise written by a great philosopher and writer

8. “Mindfulness works”

how to combat stress and anxiety

how to combat stress and anxiety with a book to show you that mindfulness funcioa

9. “Introduction to Mindfulness”

how to start practicing mindfulness

How to learn to practice mindfulness for a good introduction to Mindfulness hand Daniel Goleman

10. “BiciZen”


Zen is also in the urban cyclist pedaling. Meditation and cycling

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