5 Ideas to meditate well When You meditate badly. That do not hurt you

meditate well when you meditate wrong.  5 Ideas for you not Lyne

If I talk about how to meditate well because we started badly. In the same way if I told you meditate bad not do the right thing.


So how do I know what is right or wrong think ?.


Just sit and breathe. Put all your attention on your breath. Notes.

The first time, really, I sat down to meditate was suddenly and brutally. He had tried once at home and alone, but did not last more than a couple of minutes without moving.

I knew it was actually meditating that good when I showed up at the Zen Temple of Light Serena back in 2000 with the idea of doing a meditation retreat a week.

He is looking for a week of relaxation and I found a week of torture that changed my life forever.

There was no middle ground. The first sitting in zazen was half an hour. Not that ache me something, it is that there was a single centimeter of my body that did not hurt me. But there I was, sitting facing the wall, stiff as a broom and sometimes crying like a cupcake.

I do not know if it was right or wrong to meditate, but I kept sitting as usual without asking anything in return, just sit and breathe, but hardly knew it, everything changed.

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I always say that this week Serena Luz which was followed by other more weeks, was of the best things I’ve done in my life

So now let me tell you 5 good ideas so that when meditating, do not think you do right or wrong, but you are certain that if you’re still sitting every day, your life will change and, no doubt, best.

1. Do not get bogged down because your head is full of ideas, thoughts, images, feelings.

Once you sit quietly, the party starts. Attends to it from a position observation. Do not cling to anything. They are passing clouds.

2. More than once you go to sleep. Nothing happens .

Some posture changes, do not close your eyes, seeks to focus your attention. If you decide to meditate on the bed and you fall asleep … that’s fine. Certainly you sleep better. Do not worry.

3. You want to move.

Can not stand sitting. Well do not get any attention and is a bit more by focusing on your breathing. Observe how you are, how you feel. Is your ego that is commanding you, get up. You do not want to be dominated. Breathe and still in meditation position.

4. It hurts to rubber pants .

Nothing, I give you the warmest welcome to the club. There are days when I feel that the knee breaks me, or feel an intense pain in his back. If not a bad posture, try to focus on that pain, I breathe, let it be. And suddenly I realize that there is something emotional pain. And I find what is and the pain subsides.

5. Do not feel anything.

You are the same. OK, it’s OK. I had given the idea that with meditation you felt like a cloud, if almost flotabas that if happiness supreme. Sorry, but there is nothing like that. Yes, one of these days something will happen and you will be responding in a new way. One day you feel that respond to stimuli differently and you will be surprised. Well, that’s where you have to keep meditating even more.

So you no longer wonder if you should meditate right or wrong. Just sit down, focus your attention, breathes and that action becomes a habit.

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It will be something you’ll never regret.

And to learn to meditate, here’s a link that I give you some more ideas. (Click image)

5 ideas to meditate well when you meditate badly. That do not hurt you 3

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