Overcome anxiety, stress and depression

overcome anxiety, stress and depression

“Emotional Healing. Eliminate stress, anxiety and depression without drugs or psychoanalysis. ” Ed David Servan-Schreiber. Kairós

One of the great questions of our time is how to overcome anxiety, stress and depression. For instance, only in the province of Granada (Andalucía-Spain), where I live, labor problems and unemployment drag more than 55,000 people to the consumption of antidepressants and other drugs evil of the XXI century as depression, stress and anxiety. Drugs that, in most cases, hide the true root of these emotional states, making it easier to relapse in these painful states.

The book that I present today is a radical change when it comes to knowing how to overcome anxiety, stress and depression and treat these intense and heartbreaking situations that cause so much pain in people who suffer. David Servan-Chreiber, doctor and psychiatrist, neuroscientist and French writer, offered in this volume published by Kairos seven avenues for emotional healing without taking any drug.

The neuroemocional integration by eye movements (EMDR), regularizing the heart rate to control emotions, synchronization biological clocks, acupuncture, physical exercise, input of “omega-3” techniques “affective communication” fatty acids are the new forms posed Servan-Schreiber when dealing with these diseases that emerge strongly in our societies, in the absence of relocation of human beings in a world that is changing too fast and before which are not found answers to the new challenges.

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In addition to a strong and well protected scientific theory, the book is full of real case studies are suplantados- although the names of people who suffer certain emotional ills, have managed to overcome anxiety, stress and depression and get ahead, to through these revolutionary techniques perfectly contrasted healing.

And is that as the author notes, “Our emotional brain is much more than the awkward vestige of an animal past-master of our bodies and our passions, is the very source of our identity and values ​​that give meaning to life “because of adjustment” it is broken into a thousand pieces; if it is in harmony with our body, it leads us to become fully ourselves. “

Is often thought that when you are emotionally bad for some reason, the solution will be at that time heals everything, or as conditions change our emotional well change again when the reality is not so dependent on circumstances exterior, but, as evidenced by the author throughout the book, in repositioning our inner face reality we inhabit.

A book showing us new ways to overcome anxiety, stress and depression to succeed in this exciting, but complicated world in which we live today.

emotional healing

emotional healing

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