The book of mindfulness. Learning to practice mindfulness

The book of mindfulness.  The practice of meditation

The book of mindfulness is one of the key pieces that you have in your library. The practice of mindfulness meditation pure.


The practice of mindfulness meditation or mindfulness.


“The Book of Mindfulness” Bhante Henepola Gunaratana.

Along with Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Jack Kornfield and books you recommended in the post “mindfulness book, What to read? .The four essential reading” I want this time to introduce another one of those indispensable books that will help both to practice as deepening mindfulness meditation.

Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, Buddhist monk and doctor of philosophy at American University and founder of the Bhavana Society, opens the door with a simple, witty and accessible language, understanding and practice of mindfulness meditation or mindfulness.

In this first book, the author leads us through the myths, realities and benefits of this great practice of meditation and personal transformation as mindfulness.

Divided into 16 chapters, it is a whole map so that you begin or introduce in the practice of mindfulness meditation or go a little deeper.

In the book of mindfulness that presents the publishing kairĂ³s, will stay clear what is and what is not meditation , which must be the attitude and the correct practice, working with the body and mind and how to organize your meditation.

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Why mindfulness meditation

Bhante G points out, as the author is affectionately known, that “meditation, well done, prepares you to face the ups and downs of existence. Reduce your stress, your fears and your concerns. And when the anxiety is removed and passion tempered, things start to occupy their rightful place and life remains a struggle to start becoming a dance. And all this is due to the understanding. “

Well, in the book of mindfulness, that understanding seeps as you are reading and practicing and learning to confront distractions.

Mindfulness book ends with two interesting chapters on meditation in everyday life and teaching what can serve the practice of mindfulness meditation.

The Book of Mindfulness

With mindfulness book you will learn to meditate hand Bhante Henepola

The book of mindfulness as a way of self-knowledge.

The book of mindfulness shows us in a friendly and simple, how meditation practice that benefits your personal and professional development is gained if you go on the road to expect nothing special, not force, not to hurry, not to cling to anything or reject anything, let go, accept everything that arises, be gentle with yourself, investigarte yourself doubting everything, see all problems as challenges, not reflecting and not stress the differences.

basic keys that you understand when you sums to reading in the book of mindfulness.

You can consider the book of mindfulness as a first work of introduction to the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness. And when you read it , then you’re ready or prepared for the next step in deepening you ‘ll discover through its book “Beyond mindfulness. An introduction to the deeper states of meditation “guide.

Undoubtedly, a job that will handle your inner transformation to live in peace and serenity in a changing world.

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