How to meditate without dying in the attempt and noise With

How to meditate without dying in the attempt and noise

I guess you want to know how to meditate and above all, how not to die trying, especially when there is a lot of noise around you, when conditions are complicated, when everything seems inviting all to adopt the posture of silence and let flow in the space in which you find yourself. Well, here are some tips that I hope will serve to understand that when asked how to meditate, the answer is simply meditating.

In response to a question I was asked in a radio program about how to meditate, I wanted to bring in this text some ideas that can get you out of doubt.

The first thing that happens when you start to be interested by meditation , is to join that experience with a space of serenity, silence, filled with soft colors, perhaps with a lit candle, a glimmer, some suggestive image in front of you and certainly lit a stick of incense … and maybe a beautiful garden window that after meditating will tread barefoot or barefoot feeling freedom under your feet display.

Well, you have to accept to start which more than 90% of the time, the noise will be part of your meditation, you live in an inner floor, the neighbors are loud and noisy, the yard smells bad, your children will not keep quiet, if your house faces the street, the cars feel them with your meditation cushion or chair and if there is a work around, the noise can be deafening. And if you get that despite all these “inconveniences” silence is the real space of your meditation? It can!

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The practice of meditation, when associated with any space in your daily life makes to the question of howmeditate, the answer is that anywhere and condition, because the important thing is calm your mind through focus your attention on your breath and put the focus oninside, where peace will be born that sustained attention outward; to the reality around you and where you actually live.

I live in a village in a little noisy house on a street with no traffic and land enjoy very quiet … but I love the city, movement, activity, being with people, places bustle … and in those areas also meditates … a lot. From Plenacción my main idea is to try to bring meditation, mindfulness and mindfulness to everyone in a simple and involved way in your journal and meditate work, the end of the day , like brushing your teeth or hands, is something that you must do all day rain, shine, there is a deathly silence or cars do not stop blowing the whistle on the street.

Start simply by sitting in a chair with your back straight and hands resting gently on your legs and focus on your breathing. Whatever it is. Do not force it. Observe the breath you have (tells us how we are). Your mind will start generating thoughts and thoughts, ideas, ruminations and before that river, your attitude should be to let them go and not cling to none. Always put your attention on your breath. One of the techniques used is to count the breaths and, that way, when we go … then we return to start from 1 again.

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When noise comes and we doubt how to meditate, I always insist that, perhaps, the main noise is the worst that we have within us and us because it is essentially prevents you being silent.

At the end of the day, meditation is not something that you out of your world, but an action for, eventually, be more conscious of your time, and from this moment flow through your life without having to be always the nerves because there is too much noise around you.

To learn how to meditate, to meditate. And above all, meditations are neither positive nor negative; They are simple spaces that attach us to put our conscience in the service of a healthy, peaceful and constructive life.

To learn how to meditate, just think of a glass of clear water because that really is your mind, but the problem is that we walk continually throwing handfuls of earth to cloud it with the spoon stirring it our way of life. When you meditate, eventually, the spoon stops, the earth is staying in the background and water again becomes pure and clear and, for that, must give us the same meditate in a room overlooking the sea or in the middle of the street.

When you can do it in one place or another, the true silence will come into your life. A silence that feels although everything trembles earthquake with which we paint every day.

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